25 Signs That Show He's Secretly In Love With You

By Joe Royle

2nd December 2019

Sometimes in life, it is impossible to know what another person is thinking, either they’re really difficult to read, or you’re terrible at reading people. Either way, sometimes we all need a little advice on how to read people and signs to look for when we think someone likes us – or doesn’t.

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There are a few tell-tale signs, like them asking to spend time with you, or getting caught looking at you for extended periods of time. It is sometimes easy to tell when someone likes you but very often men will try and hide their feelings and not let you know what they’re thinking.

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There are some signs that experts have deduced, that can be immediately seen as a man displaying his affection towards you. They can sometimes be confused with a man just generally being nice, but if a man does at least 15 of these 25 signs then you can pretty much guarantee he has hidden feelings for you…

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How many signs does the man you’re thinking about show? Here are the signs that he is actually really into you and trying not to show it, starting with…

1. He’ll be the first to apologise in any argument.

If ever the two of you argue, even if you’re the one definitely in the wrong, then he will make sure that you’re not in a fight for too long. Even if it means he has to apologise¬†for something he hasn’t done, he just want’s the two of you to be on good terms!

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