This Is What The Jumanji (1995) Cast Looks Like Now!

By Llauren Hope

20th November 2019

Way back in 1995 we watched in horror as little Alan Parrish played a seemingly innocent board game he found on his way back home from school one day only to result in him being sucked straight into the game itself after a roll of the dice, never to been seen again for 26 long years. It. Was. INSANE.

Yep, for 26 years, unbeknownst to his family and friends, Alan Parrish was left to fend for himself in the crazy, wild world of Jumanji and it isn’t until poor little Peter and Judy Shepherd innocently throw the dice on the board once again after discovering it in the attic of their new house that we get to see Alan Parrish back in the “real” world.

This was definitely one of the most iconic films of the 90s (and one of my all-time favourites, personally) but what exactly happened to the cast of Jumanji after the dice stopped rolling? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out!

Scroll through to find who’s doing what and where your favorite 90s faces are up to these days… you never know, you may be wildly surprised.

13) The Exterminator (James Handy) – THEN

InĀ Jumanji, all James Handy had to do was check for bats as an exterminator when summoned to the Shepherd home.

Handy may have been restricted to a quick attic scene in the movie, but he continues to act to this day and he’s had much more interesting roles since 1995!

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