This Is What The Home Alone Cast Looks Like Now!

By Llauren Hope

19th November 2019

19 years ago we watched in horror as poor little Kevin McCallister was accidentally left home alone by his entire family while they traveled to Paris as part of a big (and assuredly expensive) family vacation during the Christmas season. Yeah… I know. It’s was amazing they were allowed to have so many freakin’ children in the first place!

Anyway, as awful as it was to witness, it was also a pretty good job seeing as two notorious bad guys had already decided that they were going to break in and loot everything from the McCallister house while they were away so I guess in this case there was an advantage to the sheer neglect of the situation… don’t quote me on that though. And, let’s face it, it was also pretty freakin’ entertaining.

A lot can change in 19 years, however, and today we’re gonna look back on just how much has changed. Ever wondered what happened to the McCallisters and those two scoundrels who Kevin taught a lesson? Well keep scrolling and wonder no more!

10) Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) – THEN

Macaulay Culkin was pretty much the adorable face of the 90s. It was hard to find a film that heĀ didn’t star in back then, but can you be surprised!? Just look at that adorable face!

And after what seemed like years of radio silence after he “retired” from Hollywood – it felt like we would never get to see or hear from our favourite little rascal again!

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