The Real Life Partners Of The Celebrity X Factor Contestants

By Kirsty Bachor

20th November 2019

What’s more exciting that meeting a bunch of famous faces ready to do battle on the X Factor stage? Taking a peek into their love lives, of course!

When Celebrity X Factor was announced, many people were looking forward to the idea of stars who simply couldn’t sing and hopefully making a little bit of a fool of themselves for the sake of enjoyable television (all in good spirit, of course). What we didn’t expect was that all the celebrity stars have absolutely cracking vocal abilities (perhaps aside from Vinnie Jones, maybe, but his spirit and personality more than make up for that!). And there was definite excitement at the prospect of seeing little Joanna from Love Actually all grown up and in competition with herself after famously belting out that Mariah Carey number…

So let’s check out the real life partners of your favourite celeb X Factor contestants.

10. Jonny Labey

The X Factor stage isn’t the first dose of reality TV this ex-Eastenders star has had, after appearing on ITV’s Dance Dance Dance.

The 26-year old has stunned X Factor judges with an incredible range of hit songs.

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