Strictly Come Dancing's Shirley Ballas Has Opened Up About Having OCD

By Cara Dudgeon

21st November 2019

Strictly Come Dancing’s Shirley Ballas has opened up about having OCD

Image Source/ Hello Magazine

The Strictly Come Dancing head judge is obsessed with cleaning, and says her hands “always smell of bleach”.

She said:

‘I have OCD. My thing is about cleaning.

‘That’s me. My hands always smell of bleach. It’s a good job that my partner is getting used to me’.

And the 59-year-old star says her boyfriend Danny Taylor has no issue with her cleaning obsession.

Speaking on Fred Sirieix’s ‘Oh La La’ podcast, she said:

‘He says, “I love your OCD, whatever you feel comfortable with, it’s fine.”

‘There’s people out there with all sorts of things’.

In August, Shirley admitted she would marry Danny “tomorrow” if he popped the question.

Shirley – who has been married twice before – admits she has never experienced a feeling before like she has with Danny, who she met while starring alongside him in pantomime ‘Jack And The Beanstalk’ last year.

She said:

‘I would marry him tomorrow, if he asked me. If this is what love is I have never experienced it before.

‘I met him in late November and he was going through a difficult time with his ex.

‘I met him at a difficult time in his life and we became friends first. We did not get together until February as a couple’.

The ballroom dancer was previously married to fellow performer Sammy Stopford from 1980 to 1984, and she later wed Corky Ballas from 1985 to 2007.

Shirley previously claimed her second husband Corky cheated on her – but insisted she “deserved it”.

She said:

‘During my time with Corky there was infidelity there and I just put it down to, “I probably deserved it,” and it was karma.

‘I think when you get married so young, every seven years it changes and your outlook changes and probably I should’ve waited to get married until I was much older’.

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