Spencer Matthews' Age And Relationship History

By Juliet Smith

29th November 2019

Spencer Matthew’s Age And Relationship History

For Spencer Matthew’s age, he’s dated his fair share of lucky ladies…

Spencer Matthews is a reality TV star with LOTS of famous friends (yes, his brother really is married to Pippa Middleton!). He’s best known for playing up to his ladies’ man persona during his time on Made In Chelsea – but things have since changed for the new dad.

Nowadays, the 31-year-old has settled down (or so we think) and is focusing on his parenting duties, but there was once a time when posh tottie Spencer made bagging girlfriends even easier than Lucy Meck makes squatting look.

We’re taking a look at the heartthrobs relationship history – and there’s plenty to go round…


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2006 – 2011 Caggie Dunlop

Caggie and Spencer’s will-they-won’t-they relationship went on for ages before they FINALLY got together. But even when they were official, the pair were on and off waaaay too much.

Speaking of getting together with Cags, Spencer said, “I would never discuss the finer details of what happened, but it was the most amazing three days and getting together with her was one of my happiest moments to date.

“When we sealed the deal in Finland it was very special, but we drifted back into being friends straightaway. I’d like to say I was in love with Funda and Louise and lots of girls I’ve dated, but none of them have made me feel like I did for Caggie. But she obviously doesn’t feel the same. If she did, then we would have been together by now. But from a young age, I always assumed we would get married – so never say never. She’s my childhood sweetheart.”

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2011- 2013 Louise Thompson

The Made In Chelsea stars dated on and off for a few years before ending things bitterly after cheating rumours (on both parts!).

Spencer Matthews age

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2013 – Lucy Watson

The pair had a brief relationship which was so because Spencer confessed to cheating on her whilst he was in Zante…

He said: ‘It was too early for a relationship. I did care about Lucy, she is a lovely girl and she doesn’t deserve to be hurt, but it was too soon after Louise to commit to one person.’

Speaking about the night in question, where he was in Greece for a club appearance, he said: ‘I went to Zante with Hugo [Taylor] and we went out one night, we’d had a lot to drink and a girl was pretty forward and she was preying on me and all over me and told me she lived 10 seconds away and I was weak, under the influence so it was a very easy.’

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2013 – Stephanie Pratt

The pair went on a series of loved up dates in London before eventually calling it a day.
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2014 – Emma Miller

Model Emma used to date Desperate Housewife’s actor Jesse Metcalfe and has also been out with Leonardo DiCaprio. So. it’s only right that  she had a fling with our Spencer too. The couple were pictured regularly together partying into the early hours, but unfortunately it wasn’t a match made in heaven and after a few weeks of romance, the pair parted ways.

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2016 – Tina Stinnes

The Love Island star had a brief fling with the Lothario when she appeared on Made in Chelsea.

spencer matthews

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2016 – Vicky Pattison

They had seemed smitten after enjoying a romantic Easter break in Monaco.

But it seems former Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison, 28, has already called time on her budding romance with Spencer Matthews as she didn’t want to be hurt by his infamous Lothario reputation

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2017 – present Vogue Williams

In 2017, Vogue was married to former Westlife musician Brian McFadden. Fast forward two years and the model has a brand new hubby – yep, you guessed it – it’s Spencer. The pair have a gorgeous baby boy called Theodore.

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