Paul Knightley Age, Job And Family : All You Need To Know

By Ilaria Pignalosa

30th November 2019

Paul Knightley Age, Job And Family

paul knightley age

Paul Knightley age may not as easy to guess as you may think. Year after year, he looks even more stunning than ever.

Fans of the ex TOWIE star Sam are surely curious to know more about Paul, his age, job and family. Is he rich? Does he have as much money as Mark Wright? Is he enjoying his life?

Here you will find all the information about Sam Faiers’ boyfriend, and you will finally know all there is to know about him!

What Is Paul Knightley Age and What Is His Job?

Paul Knightley is a British property developer and estate agent. He has been together with the TOWIE star Sam Faiers since 2014, and they have two beautiful children.

towie star sam husband

Source/ Instagram Sam Faiers

He turned 30 in May 2018, meaning that he is now 31 years old. On the day of his 30th birthday, he and his wife appeared on This Morning to discuss their plans for the future.

How Did Sam Faiers And Paul Knightley Meet?

Sam, the famous star from The Only Way Is Essex, met her boyfriend Paul a few years ago, precisely in October 2014. Her broken heart was just recovering after breaking up with the reality TV show star Joey Essex.

sam faiers husband

Source/ Instagram Sam Faiers

Allegedly, the couple met in one of the most famous restaurants in Chigwell, Essex, UK. At least, they weren’t in one of the worst cities in UK!

At that time, Sam, who used to be Joey Essex’s girlfriend, was already enjoying the love of millions of fans on her social media accounts. It was love at first sight, and now the two have one of the most splendid families in the UK.

Paul Knightley’s Age When He Had His First Son

After 5 months, the couple decided to welcome a new child in their lives. In 2014, Sam shared a selfie of her and Paul to let all her Instagram fans know about the happy news.


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Kisses all round 😘 @paulknightley my world x

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When Sam entered her 35th week of pregnancy, she shared another picture on her social media, Paul Knightley age was 26. For many men, this is the perfect age to have their first son!

On December 2015, Sam finally gave birth to the couple’s first son, baby Paul.

The Baby Diaries Controversy

Paul Tony Knightley began his career on social media and TV since his birth.

Paul Knightley age was not even 30 when his son Paul participated to The Mummy Diaries. Lately, he starred on Sam’s parenting-focused ITV show The Baby Diaries. Billie Faiers, Sam’s older sister, is starring in the latest series of the show as well.

baby paul

Source/ Instagram Sam Faiers

However, both reality shows had some controversial moments. Paul faced backlash from his viewers when he was shown kissing his mum on the lips during one of the episodes.

On the other hand, in October 2016, Sam was able to recover her fans’ love when she publicly breastfed her son Paul live on This Morning. She declared:

“I don’t post that I breastfeed all the time. Where I have got a platform, I am a young mum, there’s not enough of it in the public eye. So many young mums have said, “I would never have imagined breastfeeding, but I’ve seen it on the show, I am.”

Does Paul Have A Baby Girl As Well?

In November 2017, when Paul Knightley age was 29, he had a second child.

Rosie Elizabeth Knightley has undoubtedly made this lovely couple even happier than ever. We all know that she will soon become a star!

To share the joy of her birth, the couple’s representative told The Sun Online:

“Samantha and Paul are delighted to welcome a baby girl into the world, both mother and baby are doing well.”

His Paul Knightley Happy?

Paul Knightley age is still 31, and he has already realised his dream of becoming the father of two splendid children. Surely, many other joys are going to make this family even happier.

Recently, Sam shared a photo of the little Paul and her niece Nelly having fun on a boat during their holidays. Although some users were bothered by seeing the two children not wearing their lifejackets, we all know what a good daddy Paul is.

At the moment, he has over 130,000 followers on his Instagram accounts. It seems that no matter how famous his wife is: Paul’s gorgeous smile and his charming manners have definitely conquered many fans.

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