Paul Chuckle In Shock After A Club Had A Prop Of Brother Barry's Grave!

By Cara Dudgeon

6th November 2019

Paul Chuckle has blasted a “totally disrespectful” Halloween prop of his brother Barry’s grave.

Image Source/ Entertainment Daily

The ChuckleVision star was in “a state of shock” after discovering the stunt by gay club Heaven – which allowed customers to pose for snaps on the set – as it mocked his sibling’s death from bone cancer in August 2018.

Paul, 72, told The Sun newspaper:

‘I’m genuinely in a state of shock! I just can’t believe it.

‘I think it’s totally disrespectful not only to me but to his wife, kids and grandchildren and all our families.

‘They will be devastated by this. I genuinely don’t know what to say, what world do we now live in?’

Over the summer, the TV comedy star – whose real name is Paul Elliott – admitted he’s relied on laughter to get him through the heartbreak of losing his brother and co-star.

He previously shared:

‘When you lose someone who is close to you, it physically hurts inside. It really hurts.

‘I still miss Barry terribly. I’ve had a lot of loss in my life.

‘I’ve lost my mum and dad, my only sister, and in 1974 I lost my three-month-old daughter. You don’t get used to it.

‘But you can’t hold it in. You’ve got to let it out of you. You’ve got to cry. You’ve got to talk to people. And, later on, you have to have a laugh and a joke and remember the good times’.

And Paul had been overwhelmed by the support of the public since his brother’s death.

He said:

‘So much love poured out when the news broke that Barry had passed away.

‘And even though he’s not here any more, people are always coming up to me to say we were part of their childhood. That’s great to hear.

ChuckleVision was on for more than 20 years. It had a really long run. So anyone under the age of 46 probably watched it through their school years.

‘Everywhere I go I get people shouting, ‘To you, to me’. It’s happened in Rome, in Barcelona – wherever there are people from the UK I get it’.

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