Nathan Massey Wept Tears Over Wife's Pregnancy

By Cara Dudgeon

21st November 2019

Nathan Massey admitted he “cried like a little girl” when Cara De La Hoyde told him he was going to be a dad

Image Source/ Closer Magazine

The Love Island 2016 winners – who tied the knot in June this year – welcomed their son Freddie-George in December 2017, and while the pair briefly split a month before Cara revealed she was pregnant, Nathan confessed he wept tears when she announced the good news.

Taking to his Instagram Story on Tuesday (19.11.19), Nathan told his followers:

‘He [Freddie] was definitely not planned and I think I cried like a little girl when I found out he was en route, but you know what, he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I’m so happy I’ve got him’.

The lovebirds revealed they were expecting their first child in May 2017, which they said “bought us closer together”.

They said:

‘But since we’ve had Fred, I don’t think we’ve argued once – we get on so well now.

‘Having Fred completely changed our relationship for the better’.

Last year, Cara admitted she would love to have another child.

She said:

‘I’d do it again! I’d have another one now but [Nathan] won’t let me yet’.

Nathan quipped back:

‘Nah, she’s been trying to get her claws into me. I’m running away at the moment’.

Now he knows that being a dad is “the best job in the world,” Nathan is set to have just one more child after he joked it is a “work in progress”.

However, he mentioned Cara is determined to have more than one sibling for their son.

The former The Only Way Is Essex star said:

‘We definitely both want a little girl. It would be nice to have a summer baby’.

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