Love Island's Maura & Curtis Will Be ENGAGED In Six Months

By Cara Dudgeon

11th November 2019

Maura Higgins was told by a clairvoyant that her and Curtis Pritchard will be engaged in six months.

Image Source/ CelebsNow

The Love Island star met the dancer on the ITV2 dating show and whilst she doesn’t know what the future holds for them, she is enjoying the right now and is “very happy” with Curtis.

She said:

‘I met this ­psychic who claimed Curtis would propose to me within six months.

‘We spend time together. Some nights we just want to chill out in front of the TV, then other times we might go on a date night.

‘It’s going really well actually. We’re both lucky. We’re very, very busy and the most important thing is we make time for each other. We do see each other, not as much as we hoped but we do see each other. I take every day as it comes.

‘I’m very happy right now and I focus on now. That’s just the way I am. Will the future involve me and Curtis living in a cottage in the ­country somewhere with a couple of little Pritchards running around, or will I still be partying in the West End? Who knows? We’ll have to wait and see’.

And the 28-year-old reality star admits it was “not easy” being thrust into the spotlight after the show ended.

She added to The Sun on Sunday newspaper:

‘It’s not easy coming out after the show. When I first left I was very, very overwhelmed by everything. It’s a complete different life.

‘It’s different – very, very different. I mean everyone knows who you are but for me at the beginning, I took a couple of days away from it all just to focus on me. And I think that was the best thing I could have done.

‘The producers have been incredible. They’ve been 100 per cent there for me. I still get phone calls from them all. I’m still very, very close with them. They always check up on every one of us’.

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