Joe Sugg Age: From Youtuber To Author

By Lynda Keleer

11th November 2019

Joe Sugg Age: From Youtuber To Author

joe sugg age

Joe Sugg is not all charm and looks, but also a highly talented megastar!

With such an adorable babyface and cute smile, you wouldn’t believe this talented star’s age.

Joseph Graham Sugg was born on 8th September 1991 in Wiltshire, England. At 28 years old this year, he was even younger when he started gaining his popularity.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Joe Sugg’s net worth is estimated to be around a whopping $8 Million!

His sister, Zoe Sugg, is also an equally talented blogger and internet personality.

The pair has a very close relationship with both of them featuring each other in their YouTube videos and vlogs from time to time.

Our favourite one was when Joe tried to do Zoe’s makeup on her channel Zoella.

Today, we focus on the Joe Sugg, the handsome man of many hats and how he has come so far at such a young age!


Joe sugg age2

Joe Sugg, at the young age of 20 began his YouTube career with username ThatcherJoe.

His clever and creative content helped him reach the million subscriber mark in a span of two years.

Now in 2019, the popular YouTube star amassed a whopping 8 million subscribers and I’m sure you’re one of them!

The creative YouTuber’s content involved pranks, challenges, impressions, and even collaborations with other famous fellow YouTubers.

If you’re not already subscribed, then you’re probably following his other channel ThatcherJoeVlogs, which has over 3.7 million subscribers!

Joe Sugg the singer

Yes, he sings! For charity.

In efforts to raise money for Comic Relief, Joe Sugg became a member of a YouTube boyband that was featured in The Guardian.

Joe Sugg was also part of the Band Aid 30 charity supergroup where he featured on the 2014 single “Do they know it’s Christmas”.

This was in efforts to raise money for then Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

Handsome, talented, and a heart of gold, what more can you ask for?

Joe Sugg the Author

Yes, he writes too!

Being the Jack of all trades, Sugg’s graphic novel Username: Evie was published in 2015.


He then went on author two more sequels that were published in 2016 and 2017 titled Username: Regenerated and Username: Uprising.

Joe Sugg the Actor and reality star

In 2014, Joe Sugg tried his hand in acting with fellow YouTuber Caspar Lee in the UK version of The Spongebob Movie: Sponge out of Water. We wouldn’t call it acting per se, he did an uncredited voice over cameo as a seagull.

In the same year, Joe and Caspar Hit the Road was released as a direct-to-DVD film and was a huge success!

The creative feature length film follows the boys going on an epic European adventure while challenging each other along the way. With such a big success, the boys then set on to take America in Joe and Caspar Hit the Road: USA.

Joe Sugg expressed his excitement:

“We don’t know how it happened, but it’s happening! Yee-hah!”

Since then, Sugg has also appeared many times on television such as guest staring on the BBC one cooking show, Saturday Kitchen.

Joe Sugg the Dancer

The talented star’s official appearance on the telly was when he became the first “social media star” to join the famous reality TV show Strictly Come Dancing 2018.

Fans were all shocked and excited at the same time! But mostly at the amount of glitter and striking colours he was wearing.

The charming Joe Sugg then at the age of 27 commented:

“My knowledge of dance isn’t the best, so I’m just going to go into it completely open minded.”

Sugg showed us his smooth dance moves together with partner Dianne Buswell who was a professional Australian dancer.


Their on screen chemistry got us all hooked and it didn’t take long for the romance rumours to spread.

Strictly judge Bruno Toniolo even commented on their Viennese Waltz being romantic, adding:

“You’re irresistible, you’re adorable to watch. Your connection with your partner is so caring. So gentle, so sweet.”

The pair went on to progress until the final round where they were runners up!

Seriously, is he good at EVERYTHING?

Instead, the Glitterball trophy went to Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton.

Upon winning Stacey said:

“I’ve had the most incredible time. It’s daunting doing something you haven’t done before – you feel silly, you feel like a bit of an idiot. But Kevin walks you through.”

It also comes to show that having an open mind can take you far in life! Or make you a good dancer?

The Joe and Dianne Show

Coming to the finale of their Strictly Come Dancing debut, the pair finally confirmed their relationship.

Joe sugg and Dianne Show
Source/the cliffs pavilion

Joe even took to Instagram posting:

“I may not have won the glitter ball, but I’ve won something a million times more special.”

We’re not crying, you are.

However, not everyone was excited as we were about their newfound love.

According to the Sun, other contestants had some complaints:

“Joe and Dianne were reeling after realising everyone on the tour was getting sick of their non-stop snogging. It’s caused some ill feeling between them and the others and it can’t be laughed off as a joke anymore”


Who is Dianne Buswell

Since then, the couple have been open about their relationship on social media and even creating vlogs together.

And we know you’ve been keeping tabs!

Their relationship followed Dianne’s recent split with Emmerdale actor Anthony Quinlan.

Pretty, hot bod, sexy moves, fiery hair and a bubbly personality, there is nothing not to love about Dianne Buswell!


Born on 6th May 1989 in Western Australia, the fiery dancer is only 29 years old.

Since she was for years old, she has collected a shining track record of performing on stage. No wonder she has such a great figure!

Dianne has been winning competitions alongside her brother. Before lighting up the dancefloor on Strictly Come Dancing, she was already making waves in Australia’s Dancing With the Stars.

Recently, the adorable couple announced The Joe and Diane Show where it involves their favourite hobbies: music, comedy, and dance.

Joe commented about their relationship:

“That’s when you know you love each other. When you’re happy to FaceTime each other first thing in the morning. I’m unrecognisable-you should see my hair.”

Joe the Influencer and Businessman

Being a regular on the telly, Joe Sugg has garnered an astounding 5.5million followers on his Instagram page!

joe sugg instagram

There, you can follow his love life with Dianne and he also endorses several brands.

Besides Instagram, Joe, like every other celebrity also has twitter fingers!

With 5.38M followers on Instagram, his tweets are funny and engaging full of GIFs and Memes.

Joe is massively loved by his fans as he is known to constantly engage with them.

Joe Sugg at the age of 25 together with his sister Zoella released ‘Sugg Life’, a cleverly named range of branded merchandise.

Being YouTube megastar, he has also endorsed several brands on his YouTube channel, adding to his net worth.

Joe Sugg gossip

With every megastar, especially one as good looking and charming as Joe, gossip sure follows them around!

A year before getting serious with current boo Dianne Buswell, the young stud seemed to have the hots for Love Island star India Reynolds.

The proof? Sneaky Joe was seen liking her lingerie clad photos on Instagram! However, having looked at the photos, I’m sure you would double tap that too!

Interesting Facts about Joe Sugg

Just when you thought you can’t do more, Joe Sugg is also a skateboarder!

Following one of his tweets:

“I went on a skateboard for the first time in 3 or 4 years the other day and landed a kickflip for the first time ever #madskillz #getlikeme”

The creative star has also invented the Shock Ball, which can be described as Hot potato with a ‘shocking’ twist.

If you’ve never tried it, you can get it on Amazon!

Popular among YouTubers, the Shock ball emits mild electric shocks every few seconds and the goal is to pass it without being shocked.

Joe the Innovater!

Joe’s best friend is fellow YouTuber Caspar Lee and their relationship is ultimate GOALS. If you think Joe and Dianne make an adorable couple, we think Joe and Caspar are more ‘adorbs’! They even have a couple name – “Jasper”!

Their bond is inseparable, and they even became roommates eventually. They’ve also starred in my projects together including their first direct-to-DVD film. Their latest project includes the animated picture, Wonder Park.

Gus and Cooper are two furry animals living in an abandoned amusement park voiced by the two best friends and it’s a must watch film!

The jack of all trades

Joe Sugg has definitely achieved so much at such a young age.

Granted, ‘So much’ is an understatement.

YouTuber, Singer, Dancer, Author, Charity giver, Actor, Inventor, Businessman and sweet boyfriend, Joe Sugg definitely has earned his Megastar status.

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