Jeremy Clarkson Blames Greta Thunberg For 'Killing Car Shows'

By Cara Dudgeon

28th November 2019

Jeremy Clarkson has blamed Greta Thunberg for “killing car shows”

Image Source/ Calm People

The 59-year-old TV presenter has claimed the teen climate change activist has turned youngsters against motors, and says school pupils are taught that vehicles are “evil”.

He told The Sun newspaper:

‘Everyone I know under 25 isn’t the slightest bit interested in cars – Greta Thunberg has killed the car show.

‘They’re taught at school, before they say ‘Mummy and Daddy’, that cars are evil, and it’s in their heads’.

Jeremy’s The Grand Tour co-star Richard Hammond agreed, saying:

‘I hate to say it, but I think Jeremy is right. Young people don’t care about cars.

‘How many kids now are growing up with posters of cars on their bedroom wall?’

Greta made news in 2018 when she inspired international youth climate strikes and later sailed across the Atlantic in a “zero carbon” yacht to attend the UN climate action summit in August 2019.

However, the former Top Gear host has changed his mind on climate change after long suggesting that global warming “isn’t even worthy of a shrug”.

In the adventure special, The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen, Jeremy acknowledges global-warming.

He added:

‘For the first time ever, we’ve had global warming rammed down our throats – and we’ve not been idiotic, it’s very definitely a thing.

‘You can change your mind. Only an idiot doesn’t change their mind when faced with irrefutable evidence. The question is, “What to do about it?”

‘That’s a more interesting debate than what is happening’.

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