Gregg Wallace's Wife To Undergo Complete Hysterectomy

By Cara Dudgeon

26th November 2019

Masterchef star Gregg Wallace’s wife Anne-Marie Sterpini is set to undergo a complete hysterectomy in 2020

Image Source/ Hello Magazine

The MasterChef star’s wife – with whom he has seven-month-old baby Sid – will have a life-altering operation after suffering from endometriosis since the age of 16.

The 33-year-old mum will have part of her intestine removed and a complete hysterectomy – a procedure to remove the womb and cervix – due to the severity of her condition.

Anna told OK! magazine:

‘It causes me a lot of pain. It’s a big operation and I’ll be in hospital for about ten days with three months recovery… I’m on pain relief every day. After the operation, there’s less chance of it coming back again’.

Gregg, 54, added:

‘I’m not looking forward to Anna having the operation, but I’m looking forward to her being out of pain’.

The surgery will result in the couple – who wed three years ago after meeting on Twitter in 2013 – being unable to have any more children.

When asked if it is hard to undergo a hysterectomy at a young age, Anna replied:

‘It is, but thankfully I’ve got Sid. If I had to have this operation without having a child it would have been horrendous.

‘I’ll be on HRT permanently afterwards, so that I’m not up and down with hormones’.

Meanwhile, Gregg – who has son Tom, 25, and daughter Libby, 22, from his second marriage to Denise Wallace – added:

‘I was always happy with one, as I’m too old anyway!

‘Although, if Anna could have had another then I would have entertained the idea’.

However, her doctors were surprised they were able to conceive Sid.

Anna described him as “an absolute miracle”, while her husband said:

‘Our doctor still can’t believe how Sid was conceived with the severe endometriosis Anna suffers from’.

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