Famous Christmas Characters Then And Now

By Llauren Hope

25th November 2019

Guys… IT’S NEARLY CHRISTMAS! I know I know, but as terrifying that sentence sounds, you can’t deny that you’re super excited about it on the inside, right? It’s a time for decorations, hot chocolates, family, love, FOOD, gifts, singing, ugly jumpers… but most importantly… it’s a time for CHRISTMAS MOVIES!

I mean who doesn’t love Christmas movies? Yes, they can be cheesy as heck, but at Christmas time anything goes, so I’ll allow it. Besides, there are so many great classic Christmas films out there, there’ll always be a film to suit you. But what’s your favourite one? Mine has to be The Muppets Christmas Carol, but I also LOVE The Grinch and of course Elf.

Now, many of the Christmas films we love involved adorable little kids or grumpy old men or, er, Gremlins, guess. But it begs the question; what are the actors from our favourite Christmas films up to these days? Well, keep scrolling and you’ll find out!

11) Peter Billingsley as Ralphie (A Christmas Story) – THEN

Before fist-fighting bullies on his quest for a BB gun as Ralphie Parker, Billingsley was a child actor in well over 100 TV commercials — including him portraying Messy Marvin for Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup. As the dumb-lucked Ralphie Parker, Billingsley delivered one of the most famous child actor performances in film history.

The image of him, with glasses and a smile on his face, getting pushed down a long slide by the boot of a stern department store Santa Claus is indelible.

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