Emma Jane Love Island: Where Is She Now?

By Nancy Hargreaves

14th November 2019

Emma Jane Love Island: Where Is She Now?

Emma Jane rose to fame as one of Love Island’s stars in 2016. Appearing on the second series, she made a name for herself, but what has Love Island’s Emma Jane been up to since?

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Emma Jane’s Love Island Story

Emma Jane’s Love Island time wasn’t without drama! A latecomer to the villa, she was added as Tom Powell’s ex girlfriend. But it wasn’t long until Emma Jane and Terry were a thing, clearly hitting it off early.

Terry was originally with Malin Andersson, and the couple had made their relationship villa official. But their romance was shut down after she exited the show. Terry considered walking out of the villa after her departure, but in the end decided to stay in. A few days later he chucked Malin – ouch!

Emma Jane and Terry

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Emma Jane and Terry’s Coupling Up

Terry went on to pursue Emma, and the whole situation came to a head when Malin returned and confronted Terry, saying ‘mugging her off’ instead. Emma and Terry even slept together without using a duvet to hide it, which ended up being broadcast, as well as seen by the other Islanders!

The decision not to hide while getting it on was because Emma thought it wouldn’t be aired – but she was wrong! There was a backlash from viewers about the steamy scenes, and even an Ofcom investigation – but the show was determined not to have broken any rules by airing the footage.

“There’s not a day goes by I don’t wish I hadn’t done that.”

When the cameras stopped rolling, Terry and Emma’s Love Island romance carried on. Apparently Terry and Emma made it official after she met his parents once the show was over. Sweet!

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She And Terry Broke Up

Despite being head over heels for each other on Love Island in 2016, the couple didn’t last. The pair split in February 2018. But Terry said that they stayed friends despite breaking up. He said on Twitter:

“For people asking me or who it concerns me n Em have broken up. We’re still friends. One chapter closes another must open.”

Love Island’s Emma Jane Got Back With Her Childhood Sweetheart

After things ended with Terry, Emma Jane got back with her childhood sweetheart from before Love Island, Jordan Bye. A source for Emma said:

“Her romance with Terry didn’t work out which gave her the chance to reignite her romance with Jordan.”

Emma also confirmed the couple were back together on her Instagram, saying:

“PDA Alert Theres only one. This boy, my childhood sweetheart for 3 years, before we grew apart to both do some living… we stayed civil and in contact on and off but i never imagined that he would come back into my life (hopefully forever) all these years later and make everything right again.”

“This time around he is not just my boyfriend, but my best friend, my strength and my whole no one will ever see me how he does or understand my heart like he can… clearly it was always meant to be.”

Emma Jane’s Pregnancy And Son

In August 2017 Emma Jane revealed that she was expecting her first child. A rep said:

“She can’t wait to become a mum for the first time – she’s very excited for what’s to come.”

She documented her pregnancy on her Instagram, and gave birth to a baby boy in January 2018. Emma said on Instagram:

“So finally… after a savage 52-hour labour, my baby boy graced the world with his presence.”

The baby boy is named Alfie, and is a total cutie!

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Love Island’s Emma Jane Split With Jordan

Sadly things didn’t last between Emma Jane and Jordan. The couple split up less than a month after baby Alfie was born.

She announced the split by sharing a pic of herself in bed, captioned:

“Waiting for Valentines day to roll on by because your single AF and more than happy just doing you.”

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What’s Emma Jane Up To These Days?

Before appearing on Love Island, Emma was a project manager. These days, as well as being a mum to Alfie, Emma Jane co-founded a fitness app, Your Way Fitness. And she was the brand owner of SR Skin Care. Emma Jane has more than 350,000 followers on Instagram, where she regularly promotes products. Emma Jane is still single, and focusing on her son.

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