By Tharmini Kenas

14th November 2019

Eamonn Holmes’ Twitter: Snippets Of His Life

Eamonn Holmes is a celebrity and a broadcasting star. He is 60 years old and interestingly, Eamonn Holmes’ twitter is as lit as anyone’s could be!

He shares his opinion, passion and snippets from his life unreservedly with his fans and followers! 

Let’s find out what we can from his enthusiastic and quite often, cute tweets! 

Eamonn Holmes’ Twitter Account Just Turned 10 Years Old!


eamonn holmes twitter

Image Source/Twitter

He joined Twitter in October 2009 and has 997.3K followers who love tap the heart for his tweets since then! 

Need we say more about his stardom?

His Twitter account is 10 years old and mostly revolves around his wife Ruth Langsford.

The husband and wife duo are co-presenters of ITV’s This Morning

Eamonn and Ruth take over This Morning when  Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield are off duty (Every Friday and Monday to Thursday during school holidays! 

Eamonn had also hosted the show with Rylan Clarke who he considers his TV son!

Eamonn Holmes Is Very Involved In Animal Welfare

He patrons the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, Dogs Trust from where he and Ruth found their rescue dog, Maggie.

Eamonn is very sentimental about Maggie and Dogs Trust!

He said

“Dogs Trust has made such a difference to not only my life but also Ruth and Jack’s. After meeting Maggie we knew we had to take her home with us and we’ve never looked back. 

“I couldn’t imagine our home without her and Dogs Trust is providing similar happy endings each and every day for the thousands of dogs that they care for and rehome. 

“Ruth and I are delighted to be Patrons of such a worthwhile cause and urge people to think rescue if they’re thinking of adding a four-legged friend to their family, and remember ‘A Dog is for Life not Just for Christmas’.”

And with that presenting to you, Eamonn and Ruth’s love of life Maggie!

The Cheeky Side Of Eamonn Holmes

eamonn holmes twitter

Image Source/Hello Magazine

Regular audience and fans of Eamonn and Ruth know that the pair are cheeky with one another. 

One instance is when they started making cheeky jokes about their sex life. 

“Do you ever get me cheeky toast in the morning?” Ruth asked.

And Eamonn cheekily said, 

“I’m looking for that before you say I want my breakfast. Like clockwork. Like clockwork, my wife is in the morning.’

“I say, “Any chance of some cheeky toast?” and she goes, “No, I’m starving I want my breakfast.”‘

All of these while their teenage son, Jack was sitting in the studio! 

eamonn holmes twitter

Image Source/Hello Magazine

Another instance of their cheekiness surfaced when they were discussing a nude dating show in This Morning

Eamonn playfully teased Ruth that he is with her because of her looks!

“You have a magnificent body which sealed the deal and keeps us together.”

To which Ruth replied, 

“You still don’t like me very much.”

And Eamonn said, 

“No, but you’re body is brilliant. That’s enough for me. I’m a man of simple taste.”

Well, why not see for yourself and get a glimpse of the cheekiness of the couple!

Do You Know That He Once Called Ruth As Being Difficult

“She calls me her poet, I wouldn’t hold back on how much I would tell her I love her. She’s a very difficult person to live with because she’s illogical with a lot of things.

“She is a complete panic merchant, I can’t panic people, although I love and adore her, she’s like a racehorse. You don’t know if you go up to it whether it will kick you, or bite the sugar lump out of your hand. You have no idea of what it will happen – it’s the adventure.”

Eamonn Holmes Is Putting Good Use Of His Twitter Account

eamonn holmes twitter

Image Source/Twitter

eamonn holmes twitter

Image Source/Twitter

With such a huge number of followers, Eamonn is well aware that he has a great power to influence his fans and spread the word about serious issues. 

Firstly, he spreads the curse that is loneliness and urges everyone to start talking about it in an effort to address the elephant in the room!

Secondly, he voices out for the elderly. 

Moving On…The Gutsy Broadcaster Had Also Stirred Up Controversy With The Royals

Once, he questioned Carole Middleton, the mother of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge about the authenticity of Kate’s and Philip’s wedding!

eamonn holmes twitter

Image Source/woman & home

According to Eamonn,

“I’d say ‘C’mon did you plan it? Was it all setup? How important was it for you that the kid ended up with William?’”

You have to admit that Eamonn is indeed gutsy! 

Of Course, He Did Not Just Stop At That!

He commented on This Morning that Meghan Markle has an uppity attitude. 

“If you have an uppity attitude, you’re only through the door two minutes, and then suddenly you’re sitting at Wimbledon and you’re royal protection people are saying ‘ no photographs’, you do know as a reporter you’d be the first writing that they are right up their own backside. You would.”

Cheeky, Controversial…And Such A Sport!

Eamonn Holmes is such a sporting broadcaster despite his age and experience!

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