Each Gender And Sexuality Clearly Explained

By Llauren Hope

20th November 2019

These days it’s good to know what the “411” is when it comes to genders. Now that more and more people are finding the courage to be who they really are, supplying yourself with the knowledge of correct gender terms and what they mean is as important as keeping up with worldwide news and current affairs.

Not really sure what the right phrase is to use or when to use it? Or maybe you just want to brush up on the what’s-what when it comes to correct gender terms and what they mean and how to correctly use them in today’s every changing world… knowledge is power after all! Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

We’ve gathered together 20 of the most common gender sexuality phrases coupled with a brief description of what each means, but there are SO many more out there – so if you still have an informational itch you need to scratch, why not look up the rest of them afterward?

Happy learning!


Heterosexualism is the attraction to a gender different from their own.

It is commonly used to describe someone who is gender binary [female or male] attracted to the other binary gender

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