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4th November 2019

Demi Sims Age: How Old Is The Youngest  Sims Sibling?

First we met Charlie, then we met Chloe and we’re soon to meet Frankie… So who’s the youngest Sims sibling on the TOWIE block? Find out about Demi Sims age, personal life and more!

Don’t let Demi Sims’ young age fool you – she’s already achieved a lot!

Ms Sims first appeared as a regular on season 23 of The Only Way Is Essex, introduced at a party during the final episode. With a hearty 90,000 strong Instagram following and a dramatic appearance on Celebs Go Dating, this Essex reality star has really made her mark!

Demi Sims age
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Demi Sims’ TOWIE Timeline

While the youngest Sims sibling first appeared as a regular cast member of the show on 11th November 2018, it wasn’t technically her first appearance.

The young Essex beauty briefly turned up on the show back in 2014, sporting a VERY different look with long, side-swept hair and no cosmetic implants.

Young Demi
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At this point in the reality show, there were three Sims siblings involved: Chloe, Charlie and Demi. With big sister Chloe and brother Charlie embroiled in a huge feud with fellow cast member Ferne McCann at the time, young Demi wasn’t afraid to speak her mind!

Ms Sims then disappeared from our screen for the next few years, before reappearing with a brand-new appearance alongside her big sister. However, she returned with the same fiery attitude!

Demi first TOWIE appearance
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Famous Family


Ms Sims’ older sister Chloe Sims is a TOWIE veteran, having first appeared on the show back in series 2 in 2011. Chloe actually holds the record for appearing in the most episodes of the reality show – a huge 272 episodes so far!

Chloe Sims
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The Sims sisters’ age gap is pretty significant. Chloe is 38, meaning that there’s a huge 15 years between the sisters.

Demi’s older brother Charlie Sims has also appeared on The Only Way Is Essex, between 2013-2015. At 27 years old, he is 5 years older than his sister.

Charlie Sims
Image Source/Huffington Post

Finally, Demi’s other sister Frankie Sims made her debut in series 25 of the show, so keep your eyes out for the sibling closest to Demi Sims’ age in future episodes. We can bet she’s going to make as much of a dramatic impact as her three siblings.

They might need to rename the reality show to The Only Way Is Sims at this rate!

The Sims siblings
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The reality star was truly destined to appear on TOWIE – most of her family already have! A certain pair of very well known names just happen to be Demi Sims’ cousins… Frankie Essex and Joey Essex!

Joey Essex and Frankie Essex
Image Source/The Sun

Are there any more members of this huge Essex family waiting to appear on the reality show? We wouldn’t be surprised!


Demi Sims: Age & Personal Life

Demi Sims’ Age & Star Sign

Born in Essex on 6th September 1996, Ms Sims age is just 23 years young! She is a Virgo and Virgos’ strengths are said to be loyalty and kindness, whilst also being practical and hard working. Weaknesses for Virgos include rudeness and the desire to take centre stage.

So how accurate is that for Demi Sims?

Demi Sims
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Demi Sims Personal Life

Demi only joined The Only Way Is Essex back in 2018. But, she’s had an explosive personal life over the past year. From an appearance on Celebs Go Dating, Demi had a quick and tumultuous relationship with Love Island contestant Megan Barton-Hanson in the past year.

Ms Sims has been a breath of fresh air on the reality show, being the first bisexual female to appear on TOWIE. Her open attitude to her sexuality went down extremely well with viewers:

“I wasn’t nervous to come out, because it’s part of me now. It’s normal for me to be like, I’m interested in both. I didn’t realise what was going to happen after I did it – I’ve honestly had the best reaction from it, I cannot tell you.

“I’ve had people telling me I’m an inspiration, that they’ve been afraid to tell their own parents about their sexuality – let alone on TV – and thinking about that does make you emotional. I didn’t realise how much people needed this. Nothing like this has been done on TOWIE, so for me to come on and say I’m also interested in girls is something new, current and up-to-date with what so many people feel.

Demi Sims at Pride
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Relationship Drama

Ms Sims appeared on series 7 of the hit reality show Celebs Go Dating, which premiered in August 2019. Others celebs that joined the star dating agency to look for love with ‘regular’ folk included fellow TOWIE star Lauren Goodger, Blue singer Lee Ryan and of course Love Island contestant Megan Barton-Hanson.

Celebs go Dating

Before the show even aired, however, Demi and Megan revealed their blossoming relationship! While the idea of the dating show is for celebs to find love with non-celebrities, the pair apparently fell hard for each other during filming in June 2019:

“Megan and Demi met on the show and have been dating ever since. It’s really serious. They like each other a lot and it’s the real deal.”

Demi and Megan
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However, the love didn’t last for long. The pair separated in August 2019 and Megan was quick to dish the details out to anyone who would listen:

“She’s beautiful, a lovely person and she’s funny, but there was no sexual chemistry there. I was doubting myself and I thought, ‘Maybe I don’t like girls,’ but it wasn’t that – I just saw her more as a friend.”

Megan’s comments reportedly devastated Ms Sims. Moreover, the comments are especially toxic as the Love Island star rapidly started a new relationship with pro-footballer and singer Chelcee Grimes:

She stabbed me in the back and so did Chelcee.”

Megan and Chelcee
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Demi’s Heartbreak

Megan Barton Hanson and Demi Sims’ age difference was slight, with Megan being just two years older. However, her new beau Chelcee is two years older than Ms Barton Hanson, so perhaps she was looking for someone more mature?

While we can’t comment on whether Ms Sims’ age has much to do with her behaviour, we can definitely see her Virgo strength of loyalty is key to her heartbreak over Megan:

I want people to know she was the one who was un-loyal to me. I had real feelings and she broke my heart a little.”

Demi Sims selfie
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 Moving On

Not that you could call Ms Sims age a reason for immaturity. She’s a busy woman making cash in the only way reality stars seem to know how… on social media! She often seen promoting clothing, footwear and accessories from different brands on social media. Similarly, Demi has said she’s looking for her next adventure to do alongside TOWIE now that Celebs Go Dating has finished.

Meanwhile, Ms Sims has been showing how totally over Megan she is at the National Reality TV awards. Attending with several TOWIE co-stars, Demi locked lips with fellow TOWIE star Chloe Ross.

Demi and Chloe kissing
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A clear way to show your ex you’ve moved on for sure!

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