How old is Shirley Ballas? All you need to know about her

By Ilaria Pignalosa

10th October 2019

How Old Is Shirley Ballas? All You Need To Know About The Queen Of Latin

how old is shirley ballas

There are many people who want to know how old is Shirley Ballas. Let’s investigate her age and more interesting details about her life!

Shirley Annette Ballas is an English dancer. Thanks to her marvellous and extensive career in the international Latin division, she gained the nickname “the Queen of Latin”.

She has won several dance competitions and championship titles as a ballroom and Latin dancer and as a dance teacher. However, she became particularly popular after her participation as a Strictly Come Dancing’s judge, the TV show that also features several other professional dancers.

It is thus not surprising that many people want to learn more exciting facts about her life. After all, we are all interested in talented and famous people’s life. For example, you may be wondering Chloe Sims age, or how old is Shirley Ballas.

How Old Is Shirley Ballas?

If you are wondering how old is Shirley Ballas, she is 59. She was born on 6th September 1960, in Wallasey. Her father left the family, including her brother David, when she was only 2 years old, but the Queen of Latin was already showing her strong mettle, and she managed to grow up as the beautiful and talented woman we all know about now.

how old is shirley ballas

Image Source/Independent

Shirley Ballas’s First Marriages

Shirley Ballas got married for the first time in 1980. Sammy Stopford was her first spouse, and also one of her first dance partners. In fact, a few years after walking the aisle, they won the title of Professional Latin at Blackpool Dance Festival.

After her divorce, Shirley got married again in the mid-1980, this time to Corky Ballas. Together with him, she won the Professional Latin at Blackpool Dance Festival for a second time. In other words, whoever her dance partner is, she has kept proving that she was the queen of Latin American music!

If you are still wondering of old is Shirley Ballas, the answer is: she is old enough to understand that you can never know when you are going to and fall in love with new people. Maybe Shirley should speak with the First Date staff

Shirley’s Appearances On TV

Shirley Ballas first appeared on a TV show on Dancing with the Stars, as a dance teacher and a commentator of the show.

In 2017, Shirley joined the judging panel of Strictly Come Dancing, one of BBC’s most popular shows. She replaced Len Goodman as head judge, and she won the heart of all the show’s viewers and dance competitors since the first episode.

The year after, in 2018, Shirley reported that she wanted both Seann Walsh and Katya Jones axed from the series of Strictly Come Dancing. However, she also proved to be very professional, admitting that she was going to judge them based on their dance, not the scandal that all the tabloids were talking and writing about.

Nevertheless, she also experienced some “dramatic” moment while working for the show. For example, one night she found out that the zip of her dress was broken. However, she somehow managed to get ready in time for filming the episode, and she didn’t miss the opportunity to make fun of this weird experience with her followers on her Instagram profile.

Strictly Come Dancing judge

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The Judge Shirley And Her Body Transformation

A few months ago, Shirley Ballas revealed her desire to remove the breast implants that she had had for almost 20 years. In fact, she recently found out that they can affect the efficacy and the results of mammogram screenings.

Nevertheless, she confirmed her participation in a new episode of Strictly on the same day of her surgery, ready to offer her fans another Saturday night of fun and pure entertainment.

No matter how old is Shirley Ballas: she is a true performing queen, and she is never going to disappoint her viewers!

Shirley Ballas: Between Love And Other Feelings

In 2018, Shirley Ballas surprised her beloved fans by posting a picture of her with the British ballroom champion Nigel Tiffany. However, the two of them are not only bonded together by the love for dancing. In fact, Nigel is Shirley’s former fiancé. They got engaged when she was only 16, but growing up they understood that they were not made for spending their lives together. Nevertheless, they are still best friends, and allegedly Nigel is even the Strictly star’s financial advisor.

Once again, no matter how old is Shirley Ballas. Every time, she shows her fans that, despite all the negative experiences one may face, life is beautiful and should always be lived at its fullest.

Is Shirley Ballas Ready To Get Married?

Last August, the Strictly Come Dancing’s head judge declared that she was ready to get married for the third time.

shirley boyfriend

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It looks like Danny Taylor, a young and handsome man that someone has defined as Shirley’s “toy boy”, may finally be the love of her life at the point that she is ready to walk the aisle. Shirley declared that:

“I feel like I’ve come full circle and I’ve found somebody. It’s great to have found him after being single for so long.”

Moreover, Danny is an actor, just like Shirley’s beloved son Mark. He is also a trained dancer in ballroom, tap and waltz. Just the icing on the cake, as someone may say.

As the story of Stormzy’s girlfriend highlights, you are never too young to fall in love! In other words, if she is happy with a younger boy, maybe we don’t need to know how old is Shirley Ballas.

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