By Cara Dudgeon

23rd October 2019

Scarlett Moffatt was praised for her ‘rolls of fat’ during filming for her new TV show The British Tribe Next Door.

Image Source/ Hello Magazine

The 29-year-old presenter and her family swapped homes with members of the Himba community, who moved to their house in County Durham for a month for the Channel 4 programme, and she revealed how they complimented her on her “strong” body, but she didn’t feel “judged” by the comment.

Speaking to This Morning hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, Scarlett said:

‘I honestly have never felt more, I just felt no judgement at all and my friends there – this sounds really offensive – but they were just like “oh, we wish we had your rolls of fat”, which I mean, if any of my friends at home said that I’d be really offended, but yeah.

‘When Kandisiko was saying “you look strong, it looks like your dad’s cattle are healthy.” I never felt so, sort of, not judged.

‘I just feel like a lot of my days are consumed with how I look and you see your reflection and yeah, it’s not a thing there’.

When Ruth asked Scarlett if the tribe have never seen a mirror before, she replied:

‘The most amazing thing was that they all said that they look beautiful and that was so touching.

‘I mean, the chief did say “who’s that old man?” and we had to explain that was him’.

The TV show marks the first time the family appear together since Scarlett rose to fame on Channel 4’s Gogglebox.

And the reality star says she and her family learned an “enormous amount” from the tribespeople.

She said:

‘It’s such a sense of community there, like going to get wood and cleaning, everything’s done as, like, a family and as a whole.

‘Whereas they found us very, sort of, isolated and I know we would say we’re very independent but yeah.

‘It’s really changed our outlook. I thought we were the County Durham Von Traps. I thought we already spent loads of time together but being there’s made me realise, actually we don’t and we could spend loads more time together.

‘We went there in May and we’re still having more meals together.

‘I’m just careless. It doesn’t sound like a big thing but on shows now, I’m getting the tops of my arms out sometimes’.

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