By Cara Dudgeon

31st October 2019

Baga Chipz has reportedly signed up for Celebrity First Dates.

Image Source/ Pink News

Bosses of the Channel 4 show are said to have offered the RuPaul’s Drag Race UK star a large sum of money to appear on the reality dating series after being impressed with the TV actor’s appearance on the British version of the popular drag talent show.

An insider told the Daily Star newspaper’s Hot TV column:

‘As soon as the producers saw Baga on “Drag Race UK” they knew they wanted her.

‘They love the idea of getting a drag queen on the show.

‘Viewers will get to know the person underneath all the make-up and wacky outfits’.

Baga has teased herself that she has some “big shows” in the pipeline which will bag her plenty of cash.

She said:

‘I’ve got lots coming up on TV. Big shows. I’m getting really big money.

‘Other drag queens are bitter as lemons. I just rub my hands together and put it in their faces. I’m always on Facebook talking about what I have coming up’.

Meanwhile, Baga recently shared how she would love to appear on Coronation Street after she previously dressed up as the soap’s legendary characters Deirdre Barlow, Liz McDonald and Bet Lynch on stage.

Baga said:

‘I love “Corrie” and I am always saying, “I’d love to get on it.” I hope they’re watching me. I do impressions of some of the characters on “Drag Race”. I’d be ideal. After all, I’m a northern trollop and common as muck.

‘Watch out Ken! I’d actually rather be on “Corrie” than in Hollywood. If Lady Gaga and Madonna were in one corner and Fiz and Tyrone in the other, I’d be with Fiz and Tyrone. Let me be the new Queen of Corrie’.

Baga previously revealed she nearly missed the phone call about the “Drag Race” gig because she was too busy watching the soap.

She said:

‘I want to show off my acting and performing skills and show Ru what Baga Chipz does.

‘When I auditioned it was like putting a quid on the lottery. I thought I haven’t got a cat in hell’s chance. When I got the phone call I thought it was a prank call and then I started to get emails and I thought “well done love”!

‘When I first got the call I was watching Coronation Street, and I thought I don’t miss Corrie for no one and I thought they’ll phone me back after.

‘Well, it was RuPaul’s bloody Drag Race! I just couldn’t believe it and I even missed the second episode of Corrie that night because I was over the moon!’

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