Mr Motivator Wants To Feed Guests His ASHES At His Own Funeral!

By Cara Dudgeon 4 years ago

Former GMTV fitness expert Mr Motivator wants to feed his ashes to mourners at his own funeral.


Image Source/ Nottingham Bid

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The breakfast television icon - real name Derrick Evans - has started planning his funeral and wake and has come up with the bizarre idea to mix his burnt remains with fish paste and serve them in sandwiches to those who attend.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, he said:
'When you have a funeral in Jamaica loads of people just want free food. So I want my ashes mixed up with fish-paste and made into sandwiches and given out to people. It's all planned'.

The 66-year-old television star - who appeared on GMTV from 1993 to 2000 and made a three-week return in 2009 - doesn't plan on dying anytime soon and believes with his healthy lifestyle he can live until he is 114.

Derrick - who now splits his time between the UK and his homeland of Jamaica, where he runs adventure tourism business H'Evans Scent - insists his positive mental attitude has also kept him youthful and free of illness.

He said:
'I'm living to 114 though. The years have been kind to me because I'm positive'.

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Earlier this year, Derrick admitted he wanted to make a return as a regular on morning TV to educate people on healthy living and spreading his message of positivity into the world.

He said:
'On morning television, I believe that there's a role for me even more. Even if it's only to say, 'Your parents grew up doing what I was doing and listening to what I was saying on breakfast TV. You now must do the same because there's some positive messages that will resonate with you for your future'.

'My message is even more important now.

'Where is feelgood television?

'There's a role for that kind of attitude on TV rather than what we see every single day, which is the shouting and the screaming blatantly pushed in front of your face. A quality needs to return. All too often, what we get is all the nasty stuff, all the bad stuff.

'We laugh at the nasty stuff - we laugh at people having problems rather than saying, 'Let me listen to how they cope. Let me see what they have to do to change their life.' Feel good TV needs to come back. We need to highlight people who make us feel good'.

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