Mario Falcone Instagram: How He Actually Makes A Living

By Lucy Cooper

8th October 2019

Mario Falcone Instagram: How He Actually Makes A Living

Mario Falcone Instagram has taken over from reality TV as his main source of income to provide for his soon-to-be wife and baby boy.

TOWIE’s original lothario has swapped his womanising ways for the quiet life. His fiancé Becky Miesner, and mother to his little boy Parker, has done what nobody else has been able to- tame the Italian stallion.

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His Bad Boy Days…

The 31 year old is of course best known for his reality role on The Only Way Is Essex, starring in it (on and off) for 8 years.

The half- Italian, who’s named after his Dad, let the cameras in on most of his 20s after joining the cast at just 22. Over the twelve series he starred in we saw his relationship with fellow co-star Lucy Meck develop in to an engagement, before a bitter split a few years later in 2016 following cheating rumours on Mario’s part. We also saw his brief fling with TOWIE veteran Chloe Sims play out.

In a rather bitter admittance, the TOWIE star admitted that he wouldn’t have proposed to Lucy if it wasn’t for TOWIE.

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“I had a lot of pressure on me at the time to do a big engagement. Maybe I wouldn’t have done that if I wasn’t on the show.”

Ouch. But- Lucy seems to be well and truly over it, now getting ready to welcome her first child with fiancé and ex- Corrie star, Ryan Thomas.

Falcone is the brother to two older sisters- Giorgina and Giovanna- the latter of which also shares the limelight with Falcone, as a published author and wife to McFly’s Tom Fletcher.

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Caught Out…

Continuously living up to his bad boy reputation, he was suspended from our screens after being caught up in a drugs scandal. Back in 2014, the lothario was allegedly caught snorting a suspicious white substance with a rolled up bank note. To be honest, there’s no ‘suspicion’ about it- it was very clearly what it looked like.

Making his way (somehow) back in to the good books of the producers, he managed to sneak back on to our screens.

Then He Was Tamed…

It wasn’t until he met his now- fiancé back in 2016 that things started to settle down for him. After just a year of dating, Falcone popped the question to girlfriend Becky Miesner in June 2017.


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The yin to my yang ❤️

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Two Became Three…

Moving things quickly, just over a year later the happy couple welcomed their little boy, Parker. Announcing the happy news on his Instagram, Mario wrote:

“Happy to announce the birth of our beautiful little boy PARKER JAX FALCONE. ‘Weighing 7lbs 4oz. Both mummy @beckymiesner1 and baby are fine. He is absolutely perfect!’ Mario also shared a picture of the baby’s little hand on top of his mum and dad’s.”

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Whilst Becky also shared the same picture, captioning it:

“So happy to announce the birth of our little perfect son. ‘Parker Jax Falcone 7lb 4oz Friday 9th November 9.47pm.”

Mario Falcone Instagram: How Much Has It Made Him? 

The Italian stallion is said to be worth a hefty £2.2 million, owing to his reality star status and various other ventures since taking a back seat from our teles.

Before entering the reality world, Falcone worked as a bespoke tailor, which by all means he had a real talent in. Although he no longer goes by this job title, we can imagine he probably dabbles in it still- or he definitely still knows a thing or two about a good fit, judging by his Insta.


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Off for a few cheeky ones with the boys 🍻 wearing @novalondon_ new summer range ☀️🔥 #AD

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Speaking in an interview about having to ‘dumb-down’ his intelligence whilst on TOWIE, he admitted people didn’t realise how intelligent he actually is:

“I was a bespoke tailor before so I can’t speak to wealthy clients like ‘Aw right me geezer’ – it sounds horrible. When I was on ‘This Morning’ for a segment, Holly Willoughby said: ‘Mario I mean this in the nicest way possible, you’re really intelligent, I had no idea!”

Mario Falcone Instagram: ‘Influencer’ Status

These days, it seems Falcone reaps the majority of his income from using his platform on social media to promote and endorse products and companies. An ‘influencer’…

One deal in particular was the reason his TOWIE days were cut short (for the second time) at the start of 2017. The TOWIE bosses waved good bye to one of their OGs after he was seen promoting slimming shakes on his Instagram.

 “I have had a great time on ‘TOWIE’ and relished the many opportunities the show has given me but after 14 series, I feel it is time to move on and explore something new.”

Using his platform to promote unrealistic and unhealthy methods of weight loss to a young, impressionable audience, of course, can’t be seen to be tolerated.

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Not stopping him, Falcone has continued to use his platform in a similar way, with every other post being a paid promotion. Whether it be a clothing or watch brand, he seems open to post anything remotely in his radar.

He also works as an ambassador for SkinnyFoodCo (you’d have thought he’d have learned his lesson), which sells zero calorie syrups and snacks. I mean, to say the name is misleading is an understatement- drown your pancakes in this maple syrup and you’ll be ‘skinny’. It’s a surprise the company even got that name passed…

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He seems to have his fingers in a few pies to keep the money flowing in, evident in the male grooming line he collaborated with retailer Poundland on. A random career move to say the least…

Mario Falcone Instagram: Overseas

In 2018, Falcone also trained to be a travel agent with home-working firm ‘InteleTravel’. From his training (and contacts) he’s moved in to the world of travel…

 “Maximise Travel is about to launch. I have combined my two passions, business and travel, and I’m about to share it with you all.”

Under the domain ‘mariofalconetravel‘ (original), on Insta, his bio promises the opportunity to ‘travel more and earn more’. Where do I sign?

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With a link to his private FB group, with nearly 3000 members, and nearly 30,000 followers on his Insta page, it seems to be doing well.

Living The Dream…

Mario and his family are living the dream by the sounds of the group description:

“Follow the Falcone’s as we travel as much as possible and share what’s going on in our life with you.

We’ll be talking all things travel and family with you

Mario, Becky & Parker x”

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On his personal page, he continuously shares snaps of him and his family around the world- you’ll be hard pushed to find a rainy Brentwood high street in the mix; just a lot of sun, sea, baby snaps and a lot of SkinnyFoodsCo.

Exact figures of what he’s making from each post are unknown, but given he’s sharing these posts to a large following of 1.2m, he’s likely to be raking it in with his excessive number of sponsored posts a month.

Pair this with his new travel venture and general celeb status, there’s no wonder his fortune stands at above £2m.

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