By Cara Dudgeon

25th October 2019

Jenny Ryan has talked to producers at The X Factor: Celebrity about forming a supergroup with her fellow Chasers on The Chase.

Image Source/ Liverpool Echo

The quizzer is currently competing on the revamped version of the ITV talent show and revealed that Paul Sinha is also a great singer and that they could perform together, whilst she joked that Anne Hegerty would make a good drummer because she “likes hitting things”.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper’s Hot TV column, she said:

‘We could form a ‘Chase’ supergroup! Paul Sinha is a very good ­piano player and singer.

‘We’ve duetted before so I’m more than happy to look at how we’d split up the roles. Then Bradley Walsh is really supportive.

‘I’d love to do a duet with him.

‘I’m not sure what ­instruments the others would play if we were to form a band… maybe Anne Hegerty on drums because she likes hitting things!’

Jenny was initially rejected from the live finals of the show, but she is back in the show after head honcho Simon Cowell personally called her and invited her back after her Overs mentor Nicole Scherzinger had turned her down on last Saturday’s (19.10.19)

And she admitted she “cried a bit” and ate “quite a lot of ice cream” when she was told she hadn’t made it through.

She said:

‘I’d had the auditions and was told I wasn’t going through. I came home, cried a little bit, ate quite a lot of ice cream.

‘I shouldn’t really do because it’s not really good for the throat.

‘Then, I got a phone call after what felt like the longest time.

‘It was quite a wait. I got a call from Simon inviting me to come back’.

When asked if Simon had said that he or the show had “made a mistake”, Jenny replied:

‘Not quite. But I inferred it from what he said’.

Following Jenny’s axing on Saturday’s show, several viewers took to social media to question why she was eliminated from the programme, and she admitted the support gave her a huge boost.

Speaking on This Morning, she added:

‘I was not expecting that level of support from the public.

‘After my first audition, the flood of comments I got on social media was overwhelming.

‘I would spend half an hour looking at comments and then I would be crying too much.

‘Even if I wasn’t through to the live shows, that wave of affection and admiration I got has got to be enough to lift anybody’.

Jenny – who is known as ‘The Vixen’ on The Chase – admits she “couldn’t have done anymore” with her audition , and she is looking forward to performing live.

She said:

‘I’ve loved every moment of  The X Factor and I’m delighted to be able to get the opportunity to perform live.

‘The response from the public has been amazing – what an incredible experience. I’m so pleased it’s continuing!’

Nicole said:

‘Jenny was just brilliant at her audition in LA.

‘That voice of hers is one of a kind, and she’s an amazing person to get to know. So it was such a tough decision to make.

‘After a lot of discussion we all agreed we had to put her through. The Overs are gonna smash it this year!’

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