GBBO's Henry Has One Regret From His Time On The Show

By Cara Dudgeon

17th October 2019

Henry Bird says he only has one small regret after his elimination from the ‘Great British Bake Off’ this week… his shirt!

Image Source/ The Sun

The 20-year-old English Literature student made it to the quarter finals of the Channel 4 cooking competition and although he impressed the judges during Pastry Week with his crab, tomato and potato tarte tatin, his meat pie disgusted Paul Hollywood in the Show-Stopper challenge after it collapsed under its own weight.

Although he knows he tried his best, Henry would change one thing he wouldn’t wear his red floral shirt again for the cameras.

Henry said:

‘There’s no way I could come away from this whole experience having any regrets.

‘I’ve been fortunate enough to do something I love alongside people I’ve grown to love, and if I had any regrets then something would be way off!

‘Although saying that, in hindsight the red floral shirt may have been an error, I really don’t suit red’.

The fan favourite wowed judges Paul Hollywood, 53, and Prue Leith, 79, during Festival Week where he received the infamous Hollywood Handshake for his lime and lemon showstopper and that was one of the highlights of his baking journey.

He said:

‘I got both a Hollywood Handshake and Star Baker in Festival Week – who would have thought it – which was a complete shock to me. To get both was so lovely and that was a nice tick list checked off. After that I didn’t mind what happened and I made sure I had a decent shirt on the week I left!’

Henry was rumoured to have found love with fellow ‘Bake Off’ contestant Alice Fevronia following social media posts showing them hanging out together away from the show but she quashed romance rumours insisting the pair are just friends.

Henry insists their friendship just shows the strong bonds that the contestants make in the ‘Bake Off’ tent.

Henry added:

‘I think it just shows how much the whole experience brings people together, both on and off camera – that tent is such a hub of positivity, and it’s brilliant that people at home can watch something that celebrates such a lovely pastime, and also enjoy watching people helping each other, having a laugh and the time of their lives!’

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