By Sam Pointon

24th October 2019

Gary Barlow Net Worth: What Has Take That Fame Truly Cost?

Singer, songwriter, producer and musician – Gary Barlow’s net worth is as impressive as you would expect. 30 years in the music business has made Mr Barlow a truly household name and a global phenomenon, especially as iconic band Take That‘s lead singer.

But what has Gary Barlow’s net worth truly cost the singer?

He has sold over 50 million records worldwide as a solo artist and Take That lead singer combined. Mr Barlow has spoken candidly about the toll fame has taken on him over the years, so is it really worth it?

Barlow on Let it Shine
Image Source/Radio Times

Gary Barlow: Early Career

Early Years

48-year-old Mr Barlow was born on 20th January 1971 in Cheshire. In his autobiography, Barlow says that he loved music at an early age, saying that he was:

“One of those kids that’s forever dancing in front of the TV looking at [his] reflection”

He was 15 years old when he got his first big break. He entered a BBC singing competition and reached the semi-finals with the song Let’s Pray for Christmas. This meant he could go to London’s West heath Studios and record his song. He was inspired to start singing in clubs, both covers and his own songs.

Young Gary Barlow
Image Source/Smooth Radio

His first performance was at a Labour Club in Wales in the late 1980s. At that time, Gary Barlow’s worth was considered to be £18 per performance. Oh how things change!

Take That: Beginnings

After appointing himself a manager, Barlow met casting agent Nigel Martin-Smith, who wanted to start a boy band. Nigel decided on Barlow as lead singer because of his talent for songwriting and, of course, his voice. Nigel then introduced him to his new band mates Jason Orange, Mark Owen, Howard Donald and finally Robbie Williams.

Young Take That
Image Source/The Irish Times

The rest, as they say, is history!

Gary Barlow: Early Net Worth

When Take That originally disbanded in 1996, Mr Barlow’s net worth was around £15m. Not bad!

Gary Barlow: Solo Career

After Take That disbanded, Mr Barlow tried to make it as a solo artist. His first songs were quite successful, however compared to former band mate Robbie Williams proved unsuccessful for Barlow. He has talked candidly about the depression he fell into during this time and how Elton John offered him so much support:

“I can count on the fingers of one hand the people who kept in touch with me when nobody else wanted to know me and he was one of them. I’ll never forget that.”

Gary Barlow and Elton John friends
Image Source/Metro

Elton John is well known for being a hugely supportive figure to many musicians, including more surprising friendships such as with troubled rapper Eminem.

Mr Barlow did actually reconnect with Robbie Williams in 1999 and they recorded a song called Shame together which was surprisingly successful. He and Williams performed the song again in 2010 for charity.

Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams
Image Source/Daily Mail

Gary Barlow: Take That Comeback Net Worth

Take That Reunited (Kind Of)

Gary took part in the Take That: For the Record documentary in 2005. The programme was highly successful and the band reformed (minus Robbie Williams) for a sell-out arena/stadium tour in 2005. This included the release of their huge comeback single Patience, which topped the charts across Europe, was named Record of the Year in 2006 AND won a Brit Award for single of the year.

Take That reunited 2005
Image Source/Zimbio

What a comeback!

Award Winners

In the years since, Take That has gone from strength to strength, selling out arenas and producing award winning music. In 2008 the band were nominated for four Brit awards, winning Best British Single and Best British Live Act. Many have linked the band’s renewed success to Barlow’s songwriting skills and strength to get back up and carry on after difficult times.

Take That award winners
Image Source/Metro

Famously fierce punk rock Manic Street Preachers bassist Nick Wire has had a lot to say on the matter:

“It’s the greatest comeback single in history. There’s also a maturity about it that suits the boys all grown-up. Gary Barlow is a genius.”

While Take That have been quieter about releasing new music in more recent years, they’re still travelling the world and performing in sellout concerts. Most recently, they performed a huge Greatest Hits Live tour in spring 2019, with special guest Rick Astley!

Take That with Rick Astley
Image Source/Twitter

Charity Man

The singer is keeping himself busy alongside sellout tours with Take That. A huge charity man, he has supported numerous organisations, including climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief, alongside other celebs including Alesha Dixon, Cheryl Cole and Kimberley Walsh.

Gary Barlow Comic Relief Kilimanjaro
Image Source/Flickr

Barlow is also a huge supporter of Children In need. Back in 2013, the headline act to turn on the Blackpool illuminations pulled out due to unforeseen circumstances. This left the event with no one to turn on the lights or play to the 5,000 in attendance. Barlow found out and tweeted that he would step in if the organisers would write a cheque to Children In Need. Bosses quickly made contact with him and made a donation to the charity, with Barlow turning on the lights and performing a number of his hits.

Gary Barlow Blackpool Illuminations
Image Source/Zimbio

He even managed to get an ‘I Heart Blackpool’ hoodie in time for the show. What a star!

Current Success

He has released books more recently and continues to tour both with Take That and as a solo artist. Furthermore, he is one of Britain’s most successful songwriters, having written fourteen number one singles and twenty-four top 10 hits AND receiving six Ivor Novello Awards from the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors, including the award for Outstanding Services to British Music. Moreover, we think he deserves to take it easy!

Gary Barlow A Better Me
Image Source/The Works

Gary Barlow Net Worth

In 2016, band member Jason Orange announced he would no longer be a part of Take That and has since remained out of the public eye. However, the three-man-band certainly hasn’t suffered, with the trio’s net worth equally around £132 MILLION!

Take That
Image Source/Twitter

Mr Barlow’s net worth makes up a significant proportion of that number.

The singer is worth an eye-watering £81 MILLION by himself!

Fame may have cost Gary Barlow a lot in the early years, but it’s safe to say he’s certainly made up for it now!


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