By Tharmini Kenas

23rd October 2019

Freddie Flintoff’s Wife: How The Cricketer Bagged A Model

Very recently, Freddie Flintoff and his wife, Rachael Wools Flintoff showed off their fourth baby bump in London. 

11 years after welcoming their third baby, the couples are preparing to be parents once again and they are back in the limelight! 

Who are Freddie Flintoff and his wife Rachael Wools? How did they meet? And more importantly, how did they manage to stay happily together for so long? Let’s find out…

Freddie Flintoff And His Multiple Talents

freddie flintoff wife

Image Source/Cricket Australia

Ultimately, Freddie Flintoff is widely known as a former England cricketer and cricket captain. Although his childhood ambition was to be zookeeper (which he did not pursue, obviously!), he has accomplished a great deal with his talent and dedication. 

“But there is no danger of my not concentrating on cricket. I’m comfortable on the pitch, and that will never change. I have to remember what I do for a living.”

freddie flintoff wife

Image Source/Jacamo

After retiring from being a top-notch cricketer, he has attempted his hands in fashion projects, boxing fights, reality TV shows and hosting.

He won the Australian edition of ‘I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!’. He also hosted game shows such as Cannonball and Australian Ninja Warrior. Right now, he is a presenter of the BBC Two show Top Gear (along with comedian Paddy McGuinness and professional racing driver Chris Harris). 

Word has been that the trio has been nothing but fun and just what the show needed! Let’s see just how fun it is…

Source/Top Gear

To top it all, Freddie Flintoff is also part of a hit sports comedy panel show named ‘A League of Their Own’ which he co-presents with Jamie Redknapp and James Corden

An all-rounder! (Do you wonder how much he earns from all of these ventures? Well, we did!)

Moving On To The Best Part Of Freddie Flinton’s Life…

That’s exactly what he said!

Freddie Flintoff wife

Image Source/The Sun

“My family is not a distraction. They’re the most important thing in my life.”

“I’m proudest of my kids and my wife. You can have your Tests, your England matches and your caps, but my children amaze me every day.”

“When I’m at home, that’s the best part of my day, the best thing I do. It’s not even the big things; it’s the trivial stuff. 

Taking them (his kids) to the bus stop, watching them at school or going to pick them up. Just spending time with them whenever I can. I do as much as I can when I’m at home and I want to. It’s not a chore, although it has its moments.”

Freddie Flintoff wife

Image Source/The Sun

Freddie Flinton’s wife, Rachael Wools Flintoff is as equally talented and devoted as him.

She used to be a model appearing in various magazines but what’s more remarkable is that she started her own events business during her teenage years. 

Freddie Flintoff wife

Image Source/Mirror

The 39-year-old who is now expecting her fourth child with Freddie owned a company named Strawberry Promotions. 

She then sold the company in 2006 to spend more time with her children. 

The Flintoffs’ 15-Year-Old Marriage & How They Met?

Owning an event company, Rachael was at Edgbaston cricket ground in 2002 to promote her business. And that’s where she met cricketer, Freddie and they immediately hit it off together! 

Freddie Flintoff wife

Image Source/Daily Mail

Just after three years, the couple tied the knot at Pavilion Road Hotel, Knightsbridge. A lavish London wedding in 2005 and the couple has never looked back since.

Fast forward to 2019, they are expecting their fourth baby after a long gap of 11 years. After the arrival of their third baby, Freddie said,

“We thought about it. I originally wanted five but you have three and that felt like enough. I couldn’t go back to the nappy stage now.”

Well…the glorious nappy stage is certainly in the near future for Freddie! 

Freddie Flintoff wife

Image Source/The Scottish Sun

Their three children: Holly, 13, Corey, 12, and Rocky, ten are the love and life of Freddie Flintoff. 

Apparently, being a parent made him a better person. 

“Having a perspective on things and (seeing) what really matters is the biggest thing. What you think you want and what you need are two very different things. When I’m at work, I just want to spend time at home. 

No more nights out – just driving the kids to whatever it is they want to go to. It’s far better. I’ve not drunk for nearly five years. I’m far happier sitting around drinking mineral water and having a chat.”

Freddie Flintoff wife

Image Source/Fan Daily

A scroll through social media will show that the couples are extremely protective of their kids and relationship as not many cats were let out of the bag in these 18 years of being together. 

Interesting Facts About Freddie Flintoff And His Wife, Rachael Wools

They are #couplegoals, #lifegoals, #parentgoals and many more. But, there are lots of nuggets about Freddie and Rachael that you would definitely find interesting! 

  • Freddie Flintoff’s full name is Andrew Flintoff

Freddie Flintoff wife

Image Source/TV Insider

His coach at Lancashire’s second XI, John Stanworth nicknamed him ‘Freddie’ since his surname was similar to Fred Flintstone of the popular children TV series ‘The Flintstones’.

It has stuck ever since and many know him as Freddie Flintoff than Andrew Flintoff. 

  • Freddie is a school dropout

Despite being a smart student who gained nine GCSEs, Freddie dropped out of school at 16 years old. After dropping out, he worked behind the record counter at Woolworths.

  • He refers to his father as his mentor

“My dad first and foremost. He’s a no-nonsense northerner, a proud man, and that has rubbed off on me. Various coaches — Jim Kenyon changed me from a schoolboy cricketer to an adult one.”

From Astonishment To Inspiration…

  • According to Rachael, Freddie wears a Fitbit during sex! 

Freddie Flintoff wife

Image Source/The Sun

“Things are happening and then your husband’s wrist is flashing telling him his heartbeat and how hard he’s working. It’s really wrong.

“It’s putting me off though, it’s like you’re seeing it as another training session rather than anything else, it’s really not nice.”

  • Freddie has written six books about himself

Freddie Flintoff wife

Image Source/Amazon UK

The books are titled: ‘Freddie Flintoff: My World’, ‘My Life In Pictures’, ‘Do You Know What?: Life According to Freddie Flintoff’, ‘Second Innings: My Sporting Life’, ‘Andrew Flintoff: Ashes to Ashes’ and ‘Being Freddie: My Story so Far: The Makings of an Incredible Career’.

The books have gotten impressive reviews and are all being sold on Amazon! 

  • The cricketer has his own website

freddie flintoff wife

Image Source/Andrew Flintoff Official

His website highlights his biography, cricket achievements, TV & Media ventures, book stories, and everything latest in his life. Definitely a treat to his fans! 

  • Freddie and Rachel are living in a £2.5 million home

Yes! A £2.5 million home in Altrincham at Greater Manchester. 

Wait, There’s More About The Power Couple!

  • The power couple set up a foundation at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

Freddie and Rachael set up Andrew Flintoff Foundation that raises money for the physiotherapy unit at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool back in 2009. The thoughtful and philanthropic couple has definitely set their heart to give back to the community. 

  • Besides a foundation, they have also established a cricket academy

Freddie Flintoff wife

Image Source/Andrew Flintoff Cricket Academy

The Andrew Flintoff Cricket Academy was established in 2008 as an attempt for Freddie to pass on his passion to youngsters out there. 

  • Freddie’s love towards the land down under shines through 

“Without Australia, I wouldn’t be doing the things I’m doing now. I got the chance to play against one of the best ever teams and did well and then through that, it opened a lot of doors to many different things. 

So I’m thankful to Australia, not because they give me some work now, but for the opportunities, they’ve handed me.”

A Man Of Strength…

  • Freddie has a metal clamp in his knee that keeps its joints together

In 2011, he had a knee surgery and was told that he could never run again. 

  • Freddie is not afraid to talk about his depression

Freddie Flintoff wife

Image Source/Metro Newspaper UK

Contrary to popular connotation that depression is an issue that needs to be hidden under the covers, the ex-cricketer has made his stand loud and clear. 

“I feel as easy talking about the weather as I do mental health. It’s something which I experienced. It’s something I experienced well before I retired, I don’t even know when it started and I don’t care really. 

“All I know is that it’s something which affects me, by talking to people it helps and I’m on medication. Same as when my knee hurt, I’d have an anti-inflammatory. I see it as exactly the same.”

  • Freddie and his wife are open with their kids

freddie flintoff wife

Image Source/The Sun

Sharing the concern of many parents in this time and age, Freddie and Rachael have opted for open communication parenting with their kids. 

“It’s a different pressure on kids today. Life’s more complicated. We used to play out on the street and that was it, whereas now there’s social media etc. 

We’re just open with them. Nothing is off-limits.”

  • Freddie has tattoos and its #goals once again

Undeniably, tattoos are done for a reason and what better reason could there be if not to keep loved ones close. 

He tattooed the names of his wife Rachael and his children Holly, Corey and Rocky on his left shoulder. 

Overcoming Hurdles Together…

  • Rachael has been a steady support during her husbands battle with depression

Their sturdy relationship has definitely seen the best and the worst! Obviously, without Rachael’s support, Freddie would have had it harder. 

“I think in some ways she was quite relieved…I think it’s because she saw me vulnerable as well.”

  • Besides his battle with depression, he also struggled with alcohol abuse 

Freddie Flintoff wife

Image Source/The Sun

Tribulations, failures and nerves are not easy to handle and being an international sportsman, Freddie had his fair share. Unfortunately, he slipped into alcohol abuse. 

“I didn’t understand what was happening to me. I knew when I got back to my room I couldn’t shut off, which is why I started having a drink. It got to the stage where I was probably drinking more than I should.”

  • He quit alcohol and quotes interesting reasons that made him quit

“First, it can turn me into an idiot. 

Secondly, I get really fat when I drink and I don’t want to get really fat.

Above all, I don’t drink now because I’ve used drink in the past to change my feelings. Whether it was feelings of insecurity or depression I’d drink in the hope that I wouldn’t go on feeling that way.”

  • Freddie was not with Rachael during the birth of their first child, Holly. 

Holly was born between the home series against the West Indies and the tour of South Africa in 2004 and the newly appointed captain could not make it home in time. 

However, Rachael was truly a star who supported his decision to put country first. 

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