Danny Dyer: The Wall Is A 'Nice Break' From Dark EastEnders Storylines

By Ciara

8th October 2019

EastEnders’ star Danny Dyer says hosting new quiz show ‘The Wall’ makes a “nice” change from the “dark” and “serious” side of Soapland.

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The 42-year-old actor will be at the helm for the upcoming BBC One quiz show when it debuts this weekend, and he admitted his first role hosting a prime-time programme makes a change from taking on the part of Mick Carter in “quite serious” soap storylines.

He said:

“It’s been quite difficult actually because there’s a lot of anxiety around the idea of being a game show host because, what is that? What does it mean?

“I’ve enjoyed it though; I’ve enjoyed it more than I thought I would. So it’s been quite a leap from Walford because Walford/ ‘EastEnders’, it’s all quite serious and it can be quite dark.

“Whereas this is a lighthearted world the game show world, so it’s been quite nice actually to have a little break and do something different.”

However, Danny isn’t sure if he’ll be tempted to host other game shows in the future, and he suggested if ‘The Wall’ is a hit it could become his home in the same way Bradley Walsh helps define ‘The Chase’.

He added:

“I don’t know yet. I don’t know … this is all new to me and I think I enjoyed it far too much but maybe is ‘The Wall’ my thing? Like Bradley Walsh does ‘The Chase’, that’s his game show.

“This might be my thing, I don’t know. I love acting far too much I’ll be honest with you, that is my passion and I’m very lucky and grateful to have a job that I love to do so I wouldn’t really rock the boat with that, I don’t know if you can really be both.

“Let’s just see how ‘The Wall’ pans out and we will see, if people are loving it then maybe I’ll change my mind. Never say never!”

Viewers have been promised “colossal wins and heart-breaking losses” on the six-part show, which will require pairs to have the right answers, the right bounces and trust in each other to win the life-changing cash prize.

‘The Wall’ launches on BBC One on Saturday (12.10.19) at 8.35pm.

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