Curtis Pritchard Says His Mental Health Has Not Been Affected By His Recent Weight Gain

By Cara Dudgeon

17th October 2019

WW’s Curtis Pritchard claims online body shamers did not effect his mental health after trolling him for gaining weight during Love Island.

Image Source/ Hello Magazine

The Love Island star feels lucky that he has an “incredible support network” that stopped cruel trolls’ comments about his weight gain from affecting his mental health but he’s also learned a lot about focusing on the positive.

Speaking on the panel of Candice’s Teatime Live – which also included This Morning’s Alison Hammond and blogger Candice Brathwaite – on Monday (15.01.19), the WW ambassador said:

‘It’s 2019 – people shouldn’t be body shaming one another.

‘Luckily when it happened to me it didn’t affect my mental health – I have an incredible support network, my mum, my dad, my nan, and brother are always there – I can, and will always go to them.

‘I also try not to read comments – positive or negative – because I believe if you accept everything you are, then you can be happy in yourself.

‘Being body positive just means being happy with yourself. I try to be mentally positive – that means you end up body positive in turn.

‘I’ve started meditation – it’s really cleared my head and started enabling me to focus on myself’.

Meanwhile, fellow WW ambassador Alison added her own experiences of body shaming on social media and admitted she can’t help bus focus on the negative.

She said:

‘Occasionally I see negative comments – they stick out like a sore thumb amongst all the positive ones but unfortunately it’s the one negative one you always concentrate on.

‘It consumes you for whole days at a time, but if someone said something negative to you in the street you’d be like what a weirdo!

‘Nowadays if someone’s horrible, I don’t do a block, I actually follow them back. And they hate it, which is hilarious!’

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