Ashley Banjo Will Be Tough On Perri Kiely's Dancing On Ice Routines

By Cara Dudgeon

22nd October 2019

Ashley Banjo has vowed to be “tough” on Perri Kiely’s Dancing on Ice performances.

Image Source/ BT TV

The 31-year-old star is one of the judges on the show and has insisted he won’t be giving his fellow Diversity dancer any special treatment when it comes to giving out points.

He told BANG Showbiz:

‘I’ve got to remain impartial haven’t I?

‘I haven’t seen much of him, I’m looking forward to seeing him on the ice. Honestly, I’m gonna be tough on him’.

His brother, Jordan Banjo, added:

‘I love the fact he’s like, “Yeah I’m gonna be honest, I’ll be tough on him.” Expecting a triple Salchow in week one…’

Perri quipped:

‘Yeah, when I find out what that is…’

Perri – who co-hosted Nickelodeon’s SlimeFest 2019 with Jordan, as well as performing with Diversity, over the weekend – is finding training for the upcoming celebrity skating competition “intense” as he’s having to fit practice around Diversity’s tour dates.

Asked how training is going, he said:

‘It’s pretty intense, we’re on tour and that’s intense so any day off I get I’m on the ice at 6am but … It’s difficult, but it’s gonna be good. I’m trying my best.

‘Ash is giving me judge vibes right now’.

While it was previously revealed Steps singer Ian ‘H’ Watkins will perform in a same-sex couple with Matt Evers, Perri has yet to find out which professional he’s going to be paired with.

He said:

‘We find out at the end of the month, are we near that? Oh I think it’s very soon, a couple of weeks, I’m excited’.

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