By Sam Pointon

15th October 2019

Alesha Dixon Feet: The Singer & BGT Judges’ Odd Insecurity

An award-winning singer and popular Britain’s Got Talent judge. What could possibly upset Alesha Dixon… feet, apparently!

The former Mis-Teeq star’s confession is refreshingly honest and, above all, important for many people to hear. If a talented woman worth £2.8 million gets body hang ups, no wonder the rest of us do too!

But What Exactly Is It About Alesha Dixon’s Feet That Bothers Her?

There’s a lot of things you don’t know about Ms Dixon. From dancing to documentaries, the vocalist has already had quite a dramatic life.

Alesha Dixon Headshot
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All About Alesha Dixon:


From girl group to solo career, from dance competitor to dance judge. It seems nothing can stop Alesha Dixon’s feet first mindset, when diving into new adventures!

She achieved a diploma in sports studies in college and planned to become a PE teacher. Before she started university, however, she was approached by a talent scout who was forming a music group and asked if she was interested. The rest, as they say, is history!

Girl Group Mis-Teeq
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Dixon left the successful garage/R&B singing group in 2005 to pursue a sadly quite unsuccessful (for now) solo music career.

Starring in the fifth series of Strictly Come Dancing changed everything for Ms Dixon. Professional dance partner Matthew Cutler swept Alesha Dixon’s feet off the ground and together they lifted the glitter ball in 2007. Furthermore, the Strictly win thrust the talented artist into the spotlight.

Alesha Strictly Come Dancing
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New interest from record labels meant Ms Dixon enjoyed plenty of solo music success. In fact, her 2008 track The Boy Does Nothing was nominated for four awards!


Ms Dixon replaced Arlene Phillips as a judge on Strictly Come Dancing in 2009. The decision made people complain to the BBC about both ageism and sexism. The BBC stuck by the new judge, stating that they were ‘delighted’ with her:

“Having won the contest in 2007 Alesha understands exactly what it takes to excel as a dancer as well as knowing just what the celebrity contestants are going through in the competition. Her knowledge and direct experience adds a different perspective to the panel which complements the whole judging lineup.”

Dixon left the show in 2012 for a new role on Britain’s Got Talent. The vocal artist works with music king Simon Cowell, comedian David Walliams and multi-talented Amanda Holden.

BGT judges
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Alesha has also shone as a TV host, presenting several shows including The Greatest Dancer and Comic Relief. Busy taking part in so many great shows, it’s a wonder Ms Dixon’s feet ever touch the ground!

More Recently

Fast forward to 2019, Ms Dixon has been announced as a judge on America’s Got Talent: The Champions! The singer will work alongside Simon Cowell once more, as well as some other pretty big names.

Firstly, supermodel Heidi Klum returns for this second season of the Champions show. Next, Canadian comedian and TV host Howie Mandel also returns as a judge. Finally, actor and activist Terry Crews is back as the show’s host.

Dixon as new AGT judge
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Best of luck to Alesha as the new kid on the block. We hope Ms Dixon’s feet hit the ground firmly on this new adventure!

Ms Dixon’s Feet & Her Personal Life

Born in Welwyn Garden City in 1978, the 41-year-old is half-Jamaican and half-Scottish. Dixon has six half siblings and is used to living in a busy household!

In 2011, Ms Dixon’s feet were reportedly the reason for her needing an operation. The procedure fixed some problems she has been having with the bones in her feet.

“There was a large gap between two of the long bones in my foot and another was pointing in the wrong direction, which resulted in balance issues — it really affected me when I danced, but I never said anything about it.”

She confessed to needing to wear moon boots under her dress for the National Television Awards that year. We would never had guessed!

Alesha Dixon hidden feet
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Alesha Dixon and her second husband Azuka Ononye tied the knot in 2017. The couple has two daughters, the oldest is six and their second was born in August 2019.

Alesha and Husband
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Ms Dixon does a great deal for charity. She has said that being a celebrity means she must raise awareness wherever possible.

 “Being in the entertainment industry I do feel I have a responsibility that comes with my fame.”

In addition, being famous means Alesha feels a moral duty to talk about difficult issues. And she certainly hasn’t let herself down!

For instance, the singer climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in 2009 for Comic Relief. Furthermore, Dixon fights for animal rights and women’s rights, including  What’s more, she actively supports LGBT charities and children’s charities as well.

Alesha Dixon climbing mt kilimanjaro
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The talent judge seems pretty comfortable in her skin, However, the singer clearly still feels the pressure in an odd way and certainly doesn’t tiptoe around the problem.

Ms Dixon Feet

Insecurities & Body Confidence

Alesha often talks about overcoming body confidence issues, but recently admitted to a shocking hang up:

“My partner that I’m with now is the first person that I’ve been with that’s seen my feet…”

Alesha Dixon feet
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Dixon was speaking to body confidence advocate Natalie Lee and model Jodie Kidd. After that, the mother-of-two said she is now comfortable in her skin.

We just can’t get over the fact that Alesha Dixon’s partner Azuka Ononye (it is rumoured they’re married, but not confirmed!) is the first romantic partner to see her feet.

So is it just Alesha Dixon’s feet that she hates, or are feet in general the issue? It would seem it’s more of a general hatred from this tweet from 2016!

Tweet about feet
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