By Cara Dudgeon

11th October 2019

Eyal Booker says every The X Factor: Celebrity contestant should be “scared” of The Islanders.

Image Source/ Gossipier

The former Love Island star has formed a group with his co-stars from the ITV2 dating show’s class of 2018, Samira Mighty, Wes Nelson, and Zara McDermott, and the band are aiming to “prove people wrong” on the ITV series.

Eyal said:

‘We’re going to prove people wrong.

‘I think a lot of people out there want to doubt us.

‘Everyone else needs to be scared’.

Hayley Hasselhoff is also competing on the upcoming series, and she revealed her dad David Hasselhoff – known for starring in the likes of ‘Baywatch’ and ‘Knight Rider’ – advised her to be “true to who you are” before she auditioned.

Speaking to Lorraine, she said:

‘His top tip for me is to sing your heart out and be true to who you are’.

The 27-year-old model admitted her dad “gets emotional” when he thinks about her taking to the stage again.

She said:

‘My dad is super excited. He literally gets emotional just thinking about the fact that he gets to see me back on stage.

‘He knows how much I love the stage. I am my father’s daughter completely.

‘We are the exact same person. Being on stage, singing is just a very different emotional feeling and satisfaction’.

And her mum, Pamela Bach, cannot believe Hayley has finally signed up for a singing show.

Hayley added:

‘They’re so excited. Oh my, God. I’ve got to tell you. My mum is falling off her chair so many times because my mum has been the biggest supporter with me with music.

‘She’s literally tried to beg me to go on The Voice, The X Factor, anything, all the time’.

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