Gemma Collins WILL Return To Dancing On Ice

By Cara Dudgeon

4th October 2019

Gemma Collins is returning to Dancing on Ice for a Christmas special.


Image Source/ BT TV

The former The Only Way Is Essex star says she has been asked to returning to the ice skating show for a special winter programme.

She told new! magazine:

‘I’m actually going back to do the one-off Christmas special. You will see me back on the ice.

‘They want me involved and it is an amazing experience. I went for a meeting with the team the other day and I was like, ‘Is there any way you can get me back full-time?”

Gemma’s skating partner Matt Evers had previously revealed the blonde star had tried to quit Dancing On Ice four times before exiting the competition via a public vote after just six weeks.

He said at the time:

‘Gemma Collins did six weeks on Dancing On Ice. She was in the jungle for two-and-a-half days.

‘There were quite a few times that I thought she was going to walk. Three or four times I thought ‘this could be it’.

‘I always had to talk her down. If it wasn’t her nerves it was something else. There was a lot of conversation between us.

‘A lot of 2am text messages saying ‘you can do this.’ It was time to go, it really was.

‘Gemma was relieved she knew she had done her time with the show, she knew the were much better ice skaters in the competition.

‘We were both very relived to be kicked out as it had got to the point we couldn’t keep up with the other dancers, or the judges’ challenges’.

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