By Cara Dudgeon

26th September 2019

Caroline Flack thinks the winter Love Island series will be the “hottest” yet.


Image Source/ BT TV

The 39-year-old presenter – who has hosted the programme since 2015 – is thrilled the dating competition has proven to be so successful, it’s now getting a second annual instalment and “cannot wait” for the show to start up in Cape Town, South Africa.

She told The Sun Online:

‘I literally cannot wait. It is going to be so hot. Probably the hottest one yet.

‘Cape Town, can you believe it? Love Island’s twice a year now, it’s going to be mad’.

Despite Caroline’s excitement, it was recently claimed producers on the ITV2 show are considering looking for a new location after a rise in violent crime in Cape Town, which saw the death rate rise to 12 murders a day which rises to approximately 50 killings at weekends.

The deaths are related to gang feuds over the drug trade and President Ramaphosa has even sent in the army to some of the most violent areas of Cape Town to try and get the situation under control.

And that was the second problem to hit the planning stage of the programme.

It was previously reported that health and safety experts were going to have to be drafted in to rid the villa of venomous snakes, poisonous spiders, scorpions and hungry big cats.

A source said:

‘Health and safety experts will be specially drafted in to help look out for deadly snakes and other poisonous creepy-crawlies. There will be a specialist medic on hand, too, so contestants can get urgent medical attention.

‘This is a very different kettle of fish to filming in mainland Europe.

‘The South African outback is a hive of wildlife activity and exactly why it is a top destination for safaris. Scorpions and spiders are   likely to be lurking in contestants’ shoes – these won’t kill you but they will put you in hospital if you’re bitten’.

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