By Ciara

10th September 2019

Sam and Billie Faiers are desperate to have another baby and are hoping they can fall for their third child at the same time.

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The ‘Mummy Diaries’ sisters are both desperate to have another child with their partners and are hoping that they will be able to carry their next baby at the same time because it makes the nine months of growing a little one easier if they do it together.

Speaking to the MailOnline, Billie – who already has Nelly, five, and Arthur, two, with husband Greg Shepherd – said:

“If I was to think about having another baby, I wouldn’t want to fall pregnant until the end of next year. I want to get my 30th out the way – I’ve got so much work and stuff going on.”

Sam – who has Paul Jr., three, and Rosie, 22-months, with her partner Paul Knightley – added:

“Mine is as well, sharing your time with them, because mine are still both at home with me, so when they are there in the school, or when little Paul is in school…

“I wouldn’t even think about having another one until at least one is in school… it’s hard isn’t it, it’s full on.”

However, when asked if they would like to have their third baby at the same time, they both exclaimed:

“Yeah, of course we would!”

And Sam, 28, added:

“It’s just so easy to be pregnant together, we didn’t go to the club together for four and half years.”

But Billie is worried what the dynamic will be like when there’s another baby around.

She said:

“I always think, imagine when one of us has another one, what’s it going to be like? You know, for a long time now, it’s just been these four whereas before it was one, two, three, four after the other… wasn’t it?”

To which Sam said:

“But now it’s a big gap to the next baby, the next baby is going to be spoilt. Imagine all four of them over them?”

Billie concluded:

“I know Rosie is still our little baby, but she is like a little girl now…”

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