By Cara Dudgeon

24th September 2019

New Strictly: It Takes Two co-host Rylan Clark-Neal believes the programme will be the “easiest job” he’ll ever do because he will “just sit there and look at” fellow presenter Zoe Ball.

Image Source/ The York Press

The former Big Brother’s Bit on the Side presenter has joined Strictly Come Dancing’s spin-off show to present on Monday and Tuesdays, and co-host with regular presenter Zoe Ball on Fridays – and he is planning to “just sit there and look at” the 48-year-old star.

He said:

‘Literally, it will be the easiest job I’ll ever do. I can just sit there and look at Zoe. She’s a pro.

‘We haven’t spent a lot of time together but I think she’s brilliant. I took over her show on Radio 2 when she moved to breakfast, so it feels really right that this has happened as well. It’s crazy how the world works’.

Zoe added:

‘We’ve not done anything together yet, so I don’t know how it’ll play out. When you get a new telly husband or wife, you have to get used to their patterns, when to interject.

‘Will we be Eamonn and Ruth? Will we be Phil and Holly? Obviously when I say that I mean I’m Phil … Rylan is Holly!’

Zoe is “so excited” about teaming up with Rylan for their joint show on Fridays, and joked she might have to get her teeth whitened to match the former The X Factor contestant’s pearly whites.

She added:

‘Rylan will be hosting on Monday and Tuesday, so he’ll do all the post-weekend chats, the choreography corner and all that.

‘I’ll then host from Wednesday – so Warmups with Ian Waite as always, and Vicky Gill’s wardrobe Thursdays.

‘But then Rylan and I will co-host Fridays together. So excited. Friday’s always a laugh, we’ve got a panel, a band … it really feels like showbiz. I wonder how it’ll work … will we come down the same staircase?

‘I met him in a lift once at ITV once and completely fan girl-ed after him. I guess it was after ‘X Factor’, when he first started doing ‘Big Brother’.

‘I just love him! You just know he’s a great guy, but also a complete scream.

‘And the great thing is Rylan’s so tall that I can wear a nice heel! Maybe I’ll have to get my teeth whitened so I can work alongside him?’

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