The Best Of Bad Boy Ross (Emmerdale)

By Ciara

10th September 2019

The Best Of Bad Boy Ross (Emmerdale)

It’s safe to say that Ross (Emmerdale) made an impression on the villagers and viewers when he graced our screens with his chiseled jaw and ‘bad boy’ attitude.

In his five years at the soap, Ross Barton has had more near death experiences than we can count and seemed to develop a taste for women he wasn’t supposed to be involved with (*cough* his brother’s fiancée *cough*). Naughty Ross!

In 2018, actor Michael Parr sadly announced that his time on the ITV soap had come to an end. The dreamy delinquent experienced fatherdom, grief and life-changing trauma during his run on the Dales and we’re about to count down Ross’ top dramatic moments.

Ladies, try and contain yourselves please!

You’re in for a rollercoaster ride with this one…

 1. Ross Barton Doesn’t Make A Great First Impression On The Dales After Carjacking Poor Laurel Thomas

Ross’ first appearance on screen doesn’t exactly sell him to us as he hijacks the car of a poor woman with her baby in the backseat…We see him once again when the woman in question – Laurel – rocks up on his doorstep with a pair of scissors in hand, to confront him.

Later, a bleeding and injured Ross comes to Butler’s Farm to find Cain after being shot on a job Cain hired him to do and the rest, as they say, is history!

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2. Being The Baby Daddy Of Moses

When Charity Dingle unexpectedly falls pregnant, viewers were desperate to find out who the baby daddy was…could it be her old flame Cain? Maybe ex-husband Jai?

It turns out that bad boy Ross had got himself into trouble again…and fathered a child this time. Things get more complicated when he begins an affair with Charity’s daughter, Debbie Dingle.

Oh Ross, what are you playing at?!

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3. Ross Barton and Donna Windsor – A Tragic Love Story

Having established himself as a bit of a womanizer in the village, Ross shows us his softer side when he begins a forbidden relationship with police officer Donna Windsor. Like all great love stories, this one begins with a bent copper asking a local criminal to help her rob a jewellery store. How sweet!

Hiding the news that she is terminally ill with lung cancer, things don’t go quite to plan when Donna ends up falling for Ross in the process. After getting themselves in deeper than they can manage, in a dodgy scheme gone wrong Donna ends up falling to her death along with nasty club owner Gary North.

Sadly, these two didn’t get their happy ever after.

donna and ross emmerdale

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4. Ross (Emmerdale): Having An Affair With His Brother’s Fiancée

It wasn’t one of Ross’ finest moments but with his reputation, were we that surprised?! When Ross and Debbie began a sordid affair in spite of Debbie being engaged to his brother Pete (yikes!) What could possibly go wrong?

In spite of ending things with Ross and going ahead with the wedding, Debbie’s betrayal was revealed in the most shocking way. As revenge for abandoning him, Ross plants a recording of the two having a conversation about their affair which is then played aloud to the whole ceremony…awks.

Not surprisingly, Pete was not best happy and Ross was about to find out just how unhappy…

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5. That Time Everyone Thought He Was Dead But He Wasn’t

After Ross and Debbie’s affair is revealed, Ross and Pete have a brutal fight which leaves Ross seemingly on death’s door. Panicked, Pete flees the scene believing he has killed his younger brother.

Little does he know that Ross is very much alive and ready to seek his revenge. After tracking Pete down, Ross pretends that he has let bygones be bygones to lead him into a false sense of security…before tying him up and almost forcing him to his death.

Before he goes through with it, however, Ross has a change of heart and decides he cannot kill his own flesh and blood after all. That’s what you call brotherly love, eh?

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6. Ross (Emmerdale): Shooting Robert Sugden

In one of the soap’s biggest ‘whodunnit’ storylines, we were all dying to know who pulled the trigger on Robert Sugden. The man wasn’t exactly short of enemies so choosing a suspect proved quite tricky…

In the end, the shooter was revealed as none other than our Ross. It turns out Robert’s brother Andy needed someone to do the dirty work for him and Ross agreed to shoot Robert on the condition that Andy would kill Ross’ brother Pete. That way, the two wouldn’t be stitched up for the crimes.

The plan backfires when neither Robert or Pete end up dead…good job boys.

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7. Becoming A Victim Of An Acid Attack

In 2018, Ross fell victim to a brutal acid attack at the hands of drug dealer Simon in a request ordered by Debbie Dingle. However, it turns out the attack had actually been planned for Joe Tate and acid was never part of the deal.

The incident left Ross badly scarred on the side of his face but he later forgives Debbie and leaves the village along with Rebecca Sugden and her son, Seb.

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That’s it for Ross! At least for now…

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