By Cara Dudgeon

30th September 2019

Maura Higgins and Curtis Pritchard are still not official.

Image Source/ Irish Mirror

The pair have continued dating since leaving the Love Island villa but 28-year-old model Maura and 23-year-old dancer Curtis have not yet taken the plunge and become girlfriend and boyfriend.

When asked if Curtis is her boyfriend, Maura told The Irish Mirror:

‘He’s not. We haven’t seen each other in two weeks but that’s because of our hectic schedules, but I mean, I’m happy with the pace we’re going and I think he is as well.

‘I mean, it’s not hard. I don’t find it hard because I’m kept busy and he is too.

‘Obviously it’s very different after coming out of the villa where you were with each other 24/7.

‘But coming out, it’s a whole new relationship. You’re not going to see each other every single day’.

Maura previously slammed critics of her relationship with Curtis, and said that just because they don’t post “everything” on social media, doesn’t mean they’re not “happy”.

She said:

‘We just don’t put everything on social media – and I’m not going to just to prove to other people we’re happy. I don’t need to prove how happy we are.

‘We know we’re happy. We spend so much time together. We make time for each other. It’s just so nice having nights together just chilling and watching a movie.

‘In the villa you can’t do that or do anything like that. It’s all normal stuff.

‘We’re just taking every day as it comes. I don’t like to plan ahead, but when stuff comes my way then I’ll decide if it’s for me or not’.

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