By Cara Dudgeon

24th September 2019

Love Island’s India Reynolds says the cheating rumours that have rocked her relationship with basketball star Ovie Soko are just a “test” for the couple.

Image Source/ News Feed

The model insists her and her Love Island boyfriend are stronger than ever and they have just been focusing on the “positives” after she was accused of cheating on the basketball star with footballer Kieran Gibbs, who she claims is just her good friend.

She told the MailOnline:

‘You just have to take the positives from it. We’re both happy together so that’s the main thing.

‘You’re going to get tested in a relationship. At the end of the day we’ve only known each other about seven weeks, even though it feels so much longer. It’s so intense.

‘If we can get through something like this, I think we’re going to be fine’.

And India had previously opened up about how she was subjected to death threats when the rumours started to swirl about her alleged infidelity.

She said:

‘I was getting messages like, ‘if I found out you cheated on Ovie I will kill you’. I was like, that is mental, you don’t even know him. You have literally read an Instagram rumour and now you are sending death threats.

‘I don’t respond, absolutely not, I think I went too far in reading them, even looking at the Instagram requests. Sometimes you can’t help but look. This week has been tough. It is the first week we have had anything like that.

‘We have been fine, personally dealing with it, as a couple we are really strong’.

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