Ulrika Jonsson Spouse - What's Her Relationship History?

By Ciara

30th August 2019

Ulrika Jonsson Spouse – What’s Her Relationship History?

Who is Ulrika Jonsson’s spouse? We’re taking a look at her relationship history…

When it comes to romance, Ulrika Johnson has had her fair share of heartbreak. From the ending of an 11 year marriage to a short lived affair with football manager Sven-Göran Eriksson, the TV presenter and model’s colourful love life has been plastered all over the tabloids for decades…

We’re taking a look back at the blonde bombshell’s romantic partners and finding out who she’s dating now…

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John Turnball – 1990-1995


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Ulrika’s first love was John Turnball, a cameraman whom she met on set. The former weather girl revealed it was her first relationship and she’d been young and naive during their time together.

The marriage lasted for five years but it fell apart after Ulrika admitted to cheating on John.

“I was unfaithful to John. That is absolutely no defence and knowing what a painful thing it was to go through, I would never do it again to anyone. I look back at the younger me and the selfishness. I didn’t even think of the consequences, that comes with maturity. It was wrong and I’m not defending it, but I was so young when I married the first time… too young, I was only 23.”

Stan Collymore – 1998

ulrika jonsson spouse stan collymore

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Unfortunately, just weeks after the couple went public with their relationship, news broke that footballer Collymore has assaulted Ulrika in a bar in Paris. After the pair broke because of the incident, Collymore apologised and blamed his violence on “petulance, ­jealousy and possibly having too much to drink”.

Markus Kempen – 2000

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Ulrika suffered ultimate heartbreak after a short-lived relationship with German hotel owner Markus Kempen ended after he walked out on her when their baby daughter Bo was ill in hospital.

After her birth, surgeons had to carry out life-saving operations on the newborn after she was diagnosed with a rare condition called double inlet left ventricle defect.

The TV presenter opened up about her devastation following the breakup:

“I never knew there was such unhappiness, I really didn’t.”

Sven-Goran Eriksson – 2002

ulrika jonsson affair with sven goren erickson

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In the same year, Ulrika hit the headlines yet again after a four month affair with England manager Sven-Goran Eriksson was outed.

At the time of the affair, Sven was dating lawyer Nancy Dell’olio, who was described by Ulrika as a ‘feisty fruitcake’ – something tells us that wasn’t meant in a nice way…

Despite continuing the affair for four months, Ulrika revealed that her fling with Sven was ‘as exciting as an Ikea instruction manual’; in other words, pretty darn boring.

“Putting together a Billy bookcase would have probably left me more satisfied,” she added.

Lance Gerrard-Wright – 2003-2005

ulrika jonsson partner

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Ironically, as she presented the dating series Mr Right, Ulrika met singleton Lance, who was looking for a girlfriend on the show. In a brilliant twist of fate, Ulrika ended up marrying the contestant the year after. The couple welcomed a daughter Martha together, before splitting in 2004.

After the divorce, Ulrika declared:

“If I ever say I’m marrying again, will you please shoot me?”

Brian Monet – 2006-2019

ulrika and brian monet

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Yep – you guessed it. Ulrika ended up getting married AGAIN (and as far as we know, she didn’t get shot). This time it was to hubby numero 3 – Brian Monet in 2008.

“I feel it’s all about the marriage and how we feel about one another. We were both dying to get married,”

She gushed when she met her hubbie to be.

Sadly, after 11 years and a son together, the pair recently announced their split. The former weather girl even admitted that they’d even gone through counselling in a bid to save their marriage.

Ulrika recently spoke to the press about her marriage and revealed that she made love with Brian just ONCE in eight and a half years. Ulrika revealed the heartache of her sexless and ‘traumatic’ relationship.

She’s Signed Up To First Dates

Like any good single celebrity, it’s been reported than Ulrika has now signed up to Celebrity First Dates in order to find her next (and hopefully her last) lover.

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