By Ciara

5th August 2019

‘Love Island’ winner Amber Gill has confessed she would consider moving to Ireland for Greg O’Shea if their romance works out.

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The ‘Love Island’ winners are stronger than ever since they triumphed on the ITV2 dating show and Amber has confessed she could move from Newcastle to Limerick one day if their romance works out.

Asked how they feel about the distance on ‘Love Island: The Reunion’, Greg said:

“It’s not a problem at the moment as we’re both so busy. Plus, there are planes every hour – it’s really not a big thing for us.”

And Amber added:

“Yeah, it doesn’t take long to get there, but I could always move to Ireland.”

Amber previously revealed she hopes her ‘Love Island’ win has inspired other women not to take back their love rat exes after Michael Griffiths dumped her in favour of islander Joanna Chimonides.

She said:

“I definitely want girls to be strong and do what they want to do and don’t go back to people that hurt you. You don’t have to, even if it seems easier, so I’m glad I’ve inspired people – it makes me really happy …

There definitely was a few points where I really wanted to go. In the real world you don’t have to watch your ex crack on with a new person.

It was hard just to watch and you feel quite lonely. I’m glad I stuck it out. It made me stronger and I’ve come out better off.”

And Greg is hopeful he and Amber can carry on with their romance outside the villa.

He said:

“I’m a big believer you only date somebody if you can see potential with them, otherwise you’re wasting your time. It’s only been a couple of weeks but it’s been great so far.”

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