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9th August 2019

Celebrity Big Brother’s Lauren Harries will be the first celebrity to appear on ‘Naked Attraction’ and will reveal all as one of the six single contestants.

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The transgender personality – who participated in ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ in 2013 and came third – is joining the Channel 4 show as one of the naked singletons looking for love but producers are keeping the exact details of her appearance a “surprise”.

A TV insider said:

“Given the format of ‘Naked Attraction’, we aren’t going to say which episode she will be appearing on as we want to maintain the surprise.”

The 41 year old’s naked body will be slowly revealed from behind a screen and a lucky picker will then get to choose if they want to take her on a date.

The insider added to The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre TV column:

“Lauren isn’t the first trans contestant on the show but she’s definitely the first celebrity that’s been on.

“And she makes a big impression during her upcoming episode – in fact it’s probably one of the best ‘Naked Attractions’ ever.”

‘Naked Attraction’ – which was praised for breaking barriers after including two transgender contestants in 2017 – will return to TV on August 21.

Meanwhile Lauren previously revealed she was raped just “weeks” after undergoing gender reassignment surgery in 2001.

She said:

“It was very traumatic – straight after surgery. I was lonely and I was in a bar and met a nice-looking man who paid me lots of compliments. He said he had heard me on the radio and that I was very brave.

“He introduced me to his wife. I thought they were just fans. I ended up drinking with them – I was lonely and vulnerable. At the end of the evening, the man took me back to my hotel and raped me. I never reported it to the police – I never thought it would do any good. I suppose I thought they might think I had asked for it.

“Admittedly, I did not always make the best choices after my transition. I went out on my own to test myself and at times it was quite brutal. But it made me realise that I should concentrate on my career and not be out searching for Mr Right.”

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