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30th August 2019

Lauren Harries has announced she is “retiring from public life” following her appearance on Channel 4 dating show ‘Naked Attraction’, on which she was rejected by the suitor.

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The 41-year-old reality TV star stripped off for the Channel 4 show – on which hopeful singletons get to see their potential dates nude bodies before they see their faces – but was ditched by hunky suitor Rigby who, after seeing her figure, decided he wanted someone younger.

Lauren – who is transgender – was not happy with the snub and has now vowed that she is giving up the fame game and coming off all social media too.

In an interview with the Daily Star newspaper’s Hot TV column, Lauren said:

“I am retiring from public life and leaving social media. I won’t be on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. I am giving it all up. It’s because I cannot take all the negativity towards me. After ‘Naked Attraction’ there was loads. Over the years the trolls have been quite horrendous. I’ve posted videos of myself singing and dancing and had such cruel comments. I am now thinking, ‘Why am I putting these videos out for people hiding behind their computers to come out and abuse me? I am just giving them an excuse to write horrible things about me.’ It has to stop now. ‘Naked Attraction’ is really like my swansong.”

Lauren first came to the public’s attention as a 10-year-old boy who was an antiques expert, and that knowledge led to memorable appearances on television shows ‘After Dark’ and ‘Wogan’.

After undergoing a sex change as an adult, Lauren has been a regular on reality TV and other programmes.

She went into the ‘CBB’ house in 2013, coming third, and has also appeared on ‘Trust Me – I’m A Beauty Therapist’ and ‘Celebrity Juice’.

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