Inside Mrs Hinch's Home PLUS Her Best Cleaning Tips

By Juliet Smith

16th August 2019

Inside Mrs Hinch’s Home PLUS Her Best Cleaning Tips

We’re taking a look inside Mrs Hinch’s home as well as revealing her best cleaning hacks!

Mrs Hinch aka Sophie Hinchcliffe is the Queen of all things clean and with her near 3 million Instagram followers, she’s quickly becoming an internet sensation.

‘Hinching’ has become its own verb used to replace the boring old ‘cleaning’ and although not yet recognised by the English Dictionary, just give it time, because Mrs Hinch’s influence is only getting bigger.

mrs hinch home

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It’s not the only phrase to take Instagram by storm, there’s the clockwise clean, then there’s Zoflora hour, Hinch Haul, the Hinch half hour, freshn’up Friday, car Hinch, oven Hinch… you get the gist.

Fans constantly wait with their feather dusters and toilet brushes at the ready for Hinch’s next pearl of scrubbing wisdom – so we’re revealing some of her very best cleaning secrets…

Oh and we’re taking a nosy around her enviably spotless home too…

Mrs Hinch’s Pristine Living Room


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Good Afternoon my Hinchers!! How are we all? I’m absolutely loving this sun beaming through my lounge , It got me all excited .. so I went outside smiling but almost lost my eyelashes 💨 the wind mate 😂 what’s happening! So you’ve probs seen on my story I’ve been massaging my TV unit today (literally) I decided to try out one of my random Hinch haul pick ups, it’s the lord Sheraton wood balsam and it smells unreal 😍 leaves a glossy finish and lifts off all scuff marks! Love it! Shame the jar isn’t bigger if I’m honest! So my Hinchwork is all done , my homemade veg soup is on the go, my nausea is settling slightly 🤞🏻💙 so I’m feeling very blessed. I’m sending you all a big Hinch hug , the support and love you give me day in and day out is unbelievable and I can’t thank you all enough. Keep hinching Hinchers 💪🏼 All the best .. always ❤️ Soph xxx #mrshinch #imahincher #hincher #mrshinchhome #allthebest

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As expected, her living area – like the rest of Mrs Hinch’s home – is spotless, shiny and smelling fresh, her Instagram followers will already know how she loves (and sometimes obsesses) polishing and shining her ornaments.

How Does She Do It?

When it comes to rugs, Mrs Hinch (and sometimes, but rarely, Mr. Hinch) coats them with carpet fresh spray removing odours from her beloved (and pretty famous by now) dog Henry. If you’re looking to freshen up your rugs – and why ever not – then you might want to try the brand 1001, it comes Hinch-approved!

Next up, the dreaded TV cabinet. No matter how many times you wipe your wooden surfaces, wine stains on wood are just too stubborn.

Mrs Hinch recommends using Lord Sheraton Wood Balsam to treat wooden furniture, instantly ridding them of marks, dirt and, of course, that fourth glass of wine you had last night…

Mrs Hinch’s Spotless Bathroom

It’s rare you’ll get to see a celeb’s toilet – and for good reason! But fortunately for our own cleaning needs, Mrs Hinch keeps nothing from her followers.

For the nicest smelling toilet EVER, she applies Harpick Liquid Gel Cleaner in Pine scent under the rim each day – and trust, it’s totally worth it.


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The result from my ensuite Clean this evening , now on my story and saved to my shower clean highlight 💗 thank you to my lovely Hinch army for your amazing support! It means so much to me Mrs Hinch home xxxx #mrshinchmademedoit #hinchhaul #hincharmy💪🏻 #hincharmy #cleaning #cleaningtips #photography #newbuild #greyhomes #ensuite #homeideas

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When it comes to toilet brushes, she’ll add a cap of Zoflora into her brush holder. This makes them smell… well… much better than a toilet.

For sinks, baths and showers, Hinch opts for CIF cream cleaner and wipes it on all bathroom features for extra sparkle.

Being an expert cleaner, it’s no surprise that our favourite Instagram scrubber (we mean that in a nice way) not only loves to clean her house, but herself too.

And that means indulging in an enviable collection of Lush bathbombs, a set of luxurious candles – oh and don’t forget a vase of flowers, just for good measure!

How Relaxing…


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My Hincherrrs ❤️ Hello! How are we all? So on my stories today you’ll see I received through the brand new zoflora fragrance ‘Green Valley’ (gifted). and OMG the smell is amaze 😍🌾 so I HAD to do a Mrs Hinch style “Zoflora Hour” didn’t I! Absolutely loved every minute of it! Make sure you give it a go next time you get your zoflo out! Also NEWSFLASH update on my bathbomb basket 🤣 it’s almost full! I’ve picked two out (on the left there) ready to use 1 this evening and I’m actually a little excited! I’ll also get my oils out after my bath to massage bump and wherever else these oils are supposed to go 😩😂 mate I’m learning something new everyday! So as always I’m sending you all my biggest Hinch hug, all my love and I still can’t thank you all enough for everything! I’m Mrs Hinch on insta because of you (Ps 1.9 mill I can’t even believe it) all the best .. my dorgeous ones xx 😉 Items #gifted are: Bath Board: @bathboards Labelled Bottles: @shabby2chicboutique Vase & flowers: @handmadevasesbynicolax

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Mrs Hinch’s Sparkling Bedroom

After scrubbing her bathroom and living area, Mrs Hinch doesn’t stop there…

Unsurprisingly, her bedroom is so clean it could be mistaken for a 5 star hotel! In keeping with the rest of her humble abode, Sophie’s room follows a white and grey theme. These are two colours she reveals look their very best when sparkly clean!

Here It Is…


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Happy Wednesday my Hinchers! Half way through the week already 💪🏼 just a quick message from me having spritzed my bed. chopped my cushions it made me think .. if you’re considering setting up an Instagram home or cleaning account , please just do it! Like I said on my story today not one of us have a qualification in “professional Instagram home accounts”. now do we 🤣 So we are all winging it .. we are ALL in this together , just wanting to enjoy our homes! No one is better than anyone else. So set up your home account , own it , be proud of it and wing it like me mate! I once made out I was setting up my bedroom for some magazine shoot.  🤷🏼‍♀️ even balanced some shiny vase on the end of my bed 😩 .. never did I think it would actually end up in a national newspaper so 😂 ATB! You never know , give it a go! 😉 love you all my Hinchers! ❤️ #inthistogether #allthebest #atb #mrshinch #imahincher #hinching #mrshinchmademedoit #youneverknow #giveitago

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For cushions, it’s a simple ‘Karate chop’ movement with the side of your hand to keep them looking plumped. For carpets she advise her followers to use a squeegee. It gets rid of the dirt and pet hair that the vacuum often misses.

With celebrity fans like Amanda Holden loving Mrs Hinch’s home, we’re sure Mrs Hinch will just keep getting bigger!

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