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21st August 2019

‘Great British Bake Off’ judge Prue Leith has hit out at “nonsense” political correctness after her publicist told her not to post a photo of herself in a sombrero.

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The ‘Great British Bake Off’ judge wasn’t happy after she was banned from sharing a photo of herself wearing a sombrero because her publicist thought there would be backlash over the snap.

As reported by The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre TV column, Prue was at a book talk as she ranted:

“You know, the other day I wanted to wear a hat, a Mexican sombrero and my PR lady said ‘Don’t tweet it. You’ll be accused of cultural appropriation.’

“Hasn’t it gone crazy? I think this is all nonsense… I think sometimes political correctness is crazy and goes too far. I’m all for something sensible and you should not be insulting.”

The 79-year-old author and TV star also admitted she isn’t fond of writers bowing to public pressure to avoid causing offense.

She added:

“Children’s writers have to go through a fantastical process of checking they don’t offend anybody. If you write a book that never offends anyone it will be a very boring book.”

Meanwhile, Prue recently revealed she would love her own ‘Angelotti Chronicles’ novel trilogy to be turned into a TV drama.

She said:

“Oh, you know what, I’m really old, I’m going to be 80 next February. What I’d love, before I die, is to get one of my novels onto the TV screen.

“This trilogy, I think, is perfect for Sunday night. It’s a drama, it’s a family dynasty, it’s a saga about food and love, and each generation’s love affairs. It should go at nine o’clock, I reckon, on Sunday nights. However, I’ve not been able to sell it at all.”

While Prue has said she gets “cross” when she’s dismissed as a celebrity writer, she won’t turn her nose up at the extra attention her TV appearances have brought to the books.

She previously joked:

“Mind you, if having rather more celebrity now than I had when I started the trilogy means it sells more books than the first one, we wouldn’t mind, would we? I’m quite prepared to be grateful to ‘Bake Off.’ “

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