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28th August 2019

‘TOWIE’ star Georgia Kousoulou has been speaking to a counsellor weekly after quitting ‘Sink or Swim’, which brought up “so much anxiety”.

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The ‘Only Way is Essex’ star appeared on the Channel 4 show – on which several non-swimmer celebrities train to take on the ultimate challenge of swimming the English Channel – last night (27.08.19) but departed the programme early after it became “a bit too much”, and she has admitted the “pressure” of the series’ challenge brought up “so much anxiety”.

She wrote on Instagram:

“Prob the most honest post I have ever done & prob the worst pics Iv ever posted ..

I don’t even know how to open up fully as I have got so good at hiding my emotions but I’ll try..

Being apart of sink or swim has honestly taught me so much & im so thankful for the opportunity, I want to thank my team & the production team @twofourgroup & @channel4 who were AMAZING I feel like Iv been on a lIttle journey just all got abit to much.. this was my first time in 5 years I realised I needed some Down time!

The pressure of this massive challenge brought up so many emotions & so much anxiety that I hid and never dealt with over the last few years .. I don’t know why but it did . I was determined to not give up and trained for 5/6 weeks as I really didn’t want to let anyone down.. my team , the production & the fact it’s for @su2cuk

Every day i would find myself crying , comfort eating & I just didn’t want to leave the house.. all I wanted to do was stay at home with monkey. I kept trying to be positive and happy but I literally couldn’t . honestly looking back now , I don’t even know who I was .. I was in denial thinking I was ok when I wasn’t!

sometimes you have to be honest with yourself & sometimes you have to put yourself first even if it’s scary!.. now I am so glad I did as I’m in such a clearer mind space .. my thinking is so different & im now speaking to my beautiful Counciller weekly! (sic)”

Georgia has now encouraged anybody who is feeling low to talk about their feelings rather than bottle them up.

She added:

“My advice to anyone is .. you can fake a smile for only so long but BE HONEST with yourself & please talk about your feelings .. don’t bottle them up & wait untill you burst ! It’s ok to admit your not ok .we are all human and all go through things in life

“Thank you to my @tommy_mallet & My family for being there . I’m so grateful . (sic)”

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