Gaz Beadle Age And Other Geordie Shore Secrets

By Ciara

5th August 2019

Gaz Beadle Age And Other Geordie Shore Secrets

As Geordie Shore gets ready to return, we’re nosing at the show’s best kept secrets… from Gaz Beadle’s age to the house rules!

As filming finishes on Geordie Shore’s 20th series and it’s ready to hit our screens once again, we’re taking a look at the show’s untold secrets…

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly nine years since the MTV show first landed in the North East and its boozed-up housemates began causing havoc in Newcastle’s nightclubs.

geordie shore cast

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Famous for downing pints, scrapping, bed-jumping and – of course – yelling at each other in the early house, the nation quickly became utterly enchanting by a bunch of Geordie lads and lasses tearing each others’ hair out!

As the Newcastle hit show prepares to return to our TVs, in case you’ve forgotten exactly why the MTV shows is so ridiculous, we’re taking a look at its secrets, including Gaz Beadle’s age nowadays!

Any Guests Have To Provide Passport Details

AND they have to give video consent…

All potential romances who are wanting to enter the GS house must provide their passport before going through the doors. As if that wasn’t enough of a moment killer, the TV show bosses also request that guests give video consent.

geordie shore charlotte

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After a fan once crudely tweeted:

“Three episodes in and only @AaronCGShore has got a bang so far #GeordieShore.”

Aaron replied:

“@LeeMcMurray89 it’s not as easy as as every 1 thinks!! They have to have passport! Do a video of consent and then can still pull out haha.”

While Gaz once explained:

“They’ve got to have a passport, they can’t just have their driver’s license. They have to say on video, ‘my name is blah blah, I am now entering the Geordie Shore house, I know I’m getting filmed having sex.”

The Cast Don’t Get Paid To Do On-Screen Jobs

We’ve all watched the cast get sent out to host countless parties here and there, complaining about how hard they’ve been working. But apparently, the stars don’t even get paid for the jobs they do on screen.

gaz beadle age

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Gaz previously revealed that:

“That’s just part of being there, you’ve just got to do it, they’re horrible as well. In the first series I genuinely thought I was getting paid… I had no money, so I did four topless parties for Anna.”

The Sh*g Pad Is Never Cleaned

Brace yourselves, this one really sucks. According to the cast, the infamous sh*g pad, where the contestants … ahem… is never cleaned. After being asked who has the responsibility of mopping up the room where the action happens, Abbie Holborn revealed:

“To be honest, I don’t know. I’ve never actually seen anyone do it, but whoever’s job that is, I feel very very sorry for ya.”

Nathan added:

“When someone’s sh*gged on them, it’s a well known thing that they don’t tidy up after them. Instead, the bed gets impregnated by everyone’s love juice.”


sh*ag pad

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They Have Their Own Phones Confiscated

Is this sounding a bit like a prison to you yet? The Geordies have their personal mobiles taken from them and during the day they don’t have any access to the internet. That means they’re completely cut off from all daily news. Gaz revealed:

“It’s hard to shut yourself off from everything for like five weeks, you turn your phone on and it goes berserk.”

gaz beadle age

Image Source/Mirror

Sounds pretty rough…

Contestants Can Be ANY Age

Ok – we’re talking within reason, but believe it or not Gaz Beadle’s age was only 22 when he first joined the series, Charlotte was just 21 and Holly was the tender age of 20!

Gary Beadle is the oldest housemate now at aged 31

image source/ celebsnow

The Camera Crew Consists Of About Six People

This means that there’s usually plenty more people in the room than you’re seeing on the TV. It must make those on-screen bedroom antics (after passport and video consent) even more awkward… YIKES.

geordie shore

Image Source/Gazette Live

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