By Ciara

28th August 2019

The new series of ‘The Great British Bake Off’ starts on Channel 4 on Tuesday night (27.08.19) with one of its naughtiest ever episodes for innuendos.

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Judge Paul Hollywood kicks things off when he mishears contestant Helena Garcia, 40, describe her “fairy garden” birthday cake as a “furry garden”

According to The Sun newspaper, Spanish-born Helena – who lives in Leeds – says with a laugh:

“Oh Paul, I know what you’re thinking.”

Paul, with a grin, the asks later on in the challenge:

“How big is your … erm … fairy garden?”

The contestants and rest of the studio then descend into giggles as fellow judge Prue Leith, 79, describes the cake as being “more like a fairy mountain”.

Prue then tells another contestant she is “dribbling” over a cake prompting host Noel Fielding – who presents with Sandi Toksvig – to reply:

“You’ve got to stop saying that.”

Throughout the upcoming series hosts Noel, 46, and Sandi, 61, had to act like therapists to the bakers because judge Paul was so tough on the hopefuls this year.

Sandi told the Daily Mirror newspaper:

“Yeah, it wasn’t good. You know how when you’re at school and other pupils are in trouble, but even though it wasn’t you, you still feel s**t inside? We felt like that. We were like, ‘Oh God.’ “

“There’s a lot more work Noel and I do in the tent that doesn’t make the edit, where we’re going in and keeping everybody cheerful. We did a lot of therapy this year.”

Previously revealing how tough he was in the tent for Series 10 of the cooking challenge show, Paul, 53, said:

“There were times when there was a bit of a disaster on one of the technicals. I walked in and saw it and sort of had a go at them, which caused a little bit of emotion. Yes I made them cry. They’re more pack animals now. Upset one and they all get upset … I think I hardened up a little bit this year actually. When they’re younger, they need to start somewhere and sometimes they don’t listen. A couple of them didn’t listen and I went over and taught the point again and again and again and again, and they still didn’t get it.”

The new series of ‘The Great British Bake Off’ starts on Channel 4 at 8pm on Tuesday (27.08.19).

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