By Cara Dudgeon

1st July 2019

Cheaper By The Dozen Twins – This Is What They Look Like Now

Whenever you think of the movie Cheaper By The Dozen those tiny yet troublesome twins are the first thing that anyone thinks of.

It’s been over fifteen years since their squishable faces first graced our screen as Kyle and Nigel Baker, but what do Brent and Shane Kinsman look like now?

Cheaper By The Dozen Twins Kyle and Nigel Baker from a movie still

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The youngest of Tom (Steve Martin) and Kate Baker’s (Bonnie Hunt) brood, Kyle and Nigel stole our hearts from the very first trailer!

They make look like butter wouldn’t melt but they were always part of their older siblings – looking at you Sarah (Alyson Stoner) – plans. How could you forget the pants in meat scenario?! (Still as funny now as it was back then, by the way).

The world was so obsessed with Brent and Shane‘s performance as Kyle and Nigel that they won the Best Young Ensemble in a Feature Film award at the 2004 Young Artist Awards.

The twins’ roles as… the twins from Cheaper By The Dozen is just the first of their notable acting credits.

The pair have also been on television, most notably, however, they starred as Preston and Porter Scavo in the TV series Desperate Housewives. The pair caused mayhem on the show… until it was announced that they suffer from ADHD.

The whole cast won a SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Award in 2006 for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a TV Series!

The played the Lynette’s sons from seasons one – four; also known as until the producers did that strange flash forward jump in time ร  la One Tree Hill. As sad as it was to see them leave, we weren’t that mad that the Carver twins on our screens as the Scavo instead!

brent and shane kinsman (cheaper by the dozen twins) in a still from desperate housewives

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The boys have gone on to star in some TV shows such as ER – they played Curly and Larry Weddington in the 2008 episode, ‘The Book Of Abby’.

But what are the Cheaper By The Dozen twins up to now?..

The boys haven’t appeared on our screens since 2008!

Nowadays, the boys are living their own lives in California.

According to Brent’s twitter bio, he is attending California Polytechnic State University and will graduate in 2020.

Shane’s twitter indicates that he is living in L.A., more specifically, San Luis Obispo.

Unfortunately for us celeb stalkers, their instagram accounts are private.

As long as you’re happy and well, boys!

You might remember the identical twins, but what about the fraternal Cheaper By The Dozen twins?..

cheaper by the dozen twins - kim and jessica

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Yep, Kyle and Nigel weren’t the only twins to grace our screens… kinda. Morgan York (Hannah Montana, The Pacifier and, obviously, Cheaper By The Dozen) and Liliana Mumy (The Loud House, Winx Club and, also, Cheaper By The Dozen) played twins Kim and Jessica Baker.

Nowadays, Morgan, AKA Kim, works in publishing by day whilst writing her novels at night.

Whereas Liliana has stayed in the acting industry, however more recently she has been lending her voice to roles, such as in Ridge Middle School.


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