Matt LeBlanc Net Worth: How Wealthy Is 'Joey' From Friends?

By Juliet Smith

24th July 2019

Matt LeBlanc Net Worth: How Wealthy Is ‘Joey’ From Friends?

You can always count on character Joey Tribbiani for a whole load of drama and a whole load of laughs. But trust us, Matt Leblanc’s net worth is certainly no joke…

Despite having numerous critically-acclaimed post-Friends roles, Matt LeBlanc will only ever be ‘Joey’ – the lovable, goofy player’ from Friends to us.

For ten hilarious years, Joey entertained TV viewers with funny one liners alongside his beloved Manhattan pals: Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Chandler Bing, Joey Tribbiani and Dr. Ross Geller.

 matt leblanc net worth

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Here’s the lowdown on the man who took Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear spot – and why he’s worth his whopping net worth…

Where It Began…

Born in Massachusetts 1967, Matthew LeBlanc’s very first role was in a 1987 advert for Heinz Tomato Ketchup. Not only did the long-running advert put Matt’s oh-so-charming looks in the public eye, he also won a number of awards at the Cannes Film Festival for his role – not bad for Tommy K, ey?

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He revealed that it was his mom who initially encouraged him to follow his dream to become an actor:

“My mom brought me up to follow my heart. We never really had any money but she supported me in everything I did.”


“The one time she became scared was when I moved to New York, at just 17, in an effort to become an actor. I was living in a cheap hotel which was dank and nasty. Junkies and hookers were all over the place when she came to visit for the weekend. I remember the look on her face and she said, ‘Oh, please come home. Give this up. You won’t make it.’

Friends Changed EVERYTHING For Matt

After a few minor roles in fairly less-than-memorable TV shows, LeBlanc eventually landed the role that would make him famous forever.

The award-winning television series launched Matt into the height of fame – and into a ton of cash.

Although the role of the laid-back Joey Tribbiani seemed tailor-made for the actor, he wasn’t the only person considered for the part. Famous actor Vince Vaughn also auditioned, narrowly missing out to the aptly chosen Matt.

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When he first tried out for the role, Matt admitted he’d only got $11 in his bank account, using his very first paycheck to buy himself a hot dinner. Things quickly escalated when it came to money – by the final two seasons, Matt was earningĀ $1 million per episode.

Was There Life After Friends?

It might’ve felt like the end of the world to fans after NBC announced in 2004 that sitcom Friends would be coming to a conclusion *cue the keys on the counter tears*.

After hitting records, winning hundreds of awards and earning sky-high salaries, the Friends actors could’ve easily made the transition into the Hollywood world, become cast in another series or happily retired from the business – enjoying their fame (and heavy bank balance) from the show.

And for Joey, he did all three.


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He started out in a Friend’s spinoff called Joey – but after it didn’t fare well, he’s moved on from one successful role to another. From Episodes, to Man With a Plan, LeBlanc’s scooped up award after award for his acting roles post-Friends.

His Net Worth Is Reportedly Around $80 Million

Thanks to Friends and other shows (oh, as well as selling his Cali mansion for $8.75million), as of 2019 Matt is reportedly worth a whopping $80 million – not bad to say he started his career off with just $11.

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